Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Calling All Therapists, Can I Do A Good Job On My Own?

I've been playing therapist all day, to myself.  I'm trying to figure out how I feel about this dog, about why I am not getting anything done around here, and how I want to move forward. 

Essentially all I have figured out is that everything is pretty much my parents' fault, which is conveinent for blame, but does nothing for me trying to figure out what the hell I am doing.

Why am I thinking of keeping this dog?
I must be insane.  I can not think of any other reason.

Here are the reasons for not keeping him:

  • It looks like a rodent.
  • His tongue is always slightly out, which sort of creeps me out, but also seems sort of adorable. (Maybe this one's a wash?)
  • It pooped in three different locations this morning...my kids don't even do that, usually.
  • Cole might squash it with his love.
  • There is no logic to keep him
  • My parents would definitely NEVER take in a dog like this if they were me.

Here are the reasons to keep him:
  • Cole keeps playing the Star Wars theme from one of his birthday cards in Boot's ear all morning, completely ignorning me.
  • It barely eats 1/2 a cup of food a day, it would be cheap to sustain his life.
  • Cole has been drawing pictures of himself and Boots on the beach with a rocket....of couse.
  • Stella can walk this dog.
  • It's hysterical to see Indiana walk around with the dog.
  • There is no logical reason to keep him.
  • My parents would definitely NEVER take in a dog like this if they were me.
Now is usually the time I would ask everyone to give me their opinion, because that's sort of how I make major decision, which is ridiculous, but you know it just doesn't matter.  I'm going to make the call.  I'm going to be the one living with him, or not.  I'm going to be cleaning up his poop or passing him along.

Right now he is curled next to me with his head on my leg and it feels pretty fantastic to have such a calm and snuggly little dog, but is that enough?  

I genuinely mean it when I say that my parents' very clear hypothetical decision would be to NEVER take this dog.  It doesn't make sense. My parents would never do this...because it doesn't make sense.

Am I so close to thirteen that I think this is a worthy reason to ignore my successful, very sound parents' advice?  I think I am.  The sheer lack of logic alone is driving me toward this dog.

Perhaps I'm entering some sort of mid-life crisis?

I grew up with parents that are extremely risk adverse.  If my brother or I bring up any major life decision, there is always a string of questions, pros vs. cons, and worst case scenarios.  This is great because it gives me a wonderful ability to know the right choice. 

I am fully capable of doing what is going to be easier when discussing the "fun" things in life....but I don't know that I always want to do that.  Shooting a shot gun this weekend was actually something I had to make myself do.  It looked sort of fun, but pointless, and something I could do without.  My first inclination is to ignore it. 

Kneeboarding on the river?  It really didn't need to happen.  I had mentioned water skiing, but with one ski lost, kneeboarding was my option, and I am so grateful that I did.  I am very lazy, very scared about making the fun decisions.  I think a dog falls in to that fun category.

There are few things that make sense about getting any dog, or having kids for that matter.  Sometimes you just take a leap of faith because you want what you want.  If I decide to keep this dog is will be soley for the idea of living the bigger life, taking the risk on something I want for no other reason than just because.  I think that might be enough. 

Maybe I should ask my parents though?


Kimberly said...

He is cute. He is cuddly. He puts up with Cole. Sounds like those are several very good reasons to keep this little pup. Not to mention, I'm sure he'll be infinitely grateful if you give him a forever home. Maybe even grateful enough that he'll stop going to the bathroom in your house! ;)

mama_pez said...

I've been avoiding animals, but it looks like a dog is in our future, too. The dog better be housebroken though...that is a deal-breaker for me. You are a more patient woman than I am, that's for sure! What ever you decide will be the right decision for you. :)

Rhenee Berger said...

LOL...this reminds me of our "duck story" - if I may -
At Easter time, we went looking in the pet store, the kiddos fell in love with the "baby ducks" - they were CHEAP & seemed harmless. I pondered for an HOUR in the pet store on whether or not to bring one home. Oh yeah... I'm best friends with my parents; they were with me... I asked my dad, "I don't knooow, should I do it? They love it. It's really cute... would YOU buy a duck for YOUR kids?" He lifted his eyebrown, looked down his nose at me & asked, "um... did YOU ever have a duck?" HA - so we all went home without it...my kiddos acted crushed and heartbroken the whole way home - came in and told my husband how mean & horrible I was... oh please!
THE NEXT DAY - my dad shows up with TWO ducks for this kids!!
Just keep the dadgum dog! ;)

lcarp51 said...

I'm curious as to what your husband thinks, since he is in a slightly closer proximity than your parents.

Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwwwwwww. So not cute it is adorable! Good luck with your decision.

Emmy said...

Sometimes it is time to just cut the rope from your parents. I actually talk with mine almost everyday- but it is never to ask for advice as to what to do- it is to visit and talk and tell them what Eric and I already decided together.

Anonymous said...

It is called a life. One that will depend on you, not live past you or your children, bring you more love than you ever imagined and be there when no one else is, poop all over the dang place unless you get up and let him/her out OFTEN, no really OFTEN, trusting and faithful. Keep the little rodent. IF you live in a cold area, let me know. I had a dog boutique for years and still have some little clothes and collars. More than happy to send them to you. Free... Wait! not free I want a picture or two every month.

Bobbi said...

Small dogs are notoriously bad with children. If you like small dogs (I prefer massive child-eating ones), you've hit out of the ball park with this one. Ugly as it may be.