Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ten Totally Unrelated Things...Because I Can't Talk Anymore About How Excited I Am For School To Start


After Stella made several, really impressive attempts to get the butter out of the fridge last Thursday, I just let her have it.  I know this sounds bad, but it's just sort of gross and lazy.

I also was so bored that I figured she might do something kind-of funny with it and that would amuse me.

She basically carried it around and stuck her finger in it to eat it.  She tried to rub some off of her finger and on to Cole, but he hit her, which I sort of understand, but can't condone as her mother.

Overall it wasn't as amusing as I thought it would be, especially when I had to take it away because she was feeding it to the dog and trying to rub it on the beanbags.  Don't mess with the beanbags Stella.

She does look very cute eating a stick of butter though.

Is it bad that I think laser hair removal on my toes would be money well spent? Possibly more important than the up charge I pay for organic milk?  Why do I have to shave my toes?

I'm disgusted and annoyed.

I probably spent close to 2 hours today talking about and/or day dreaming about what I would like to do for my upcoming 35th birthday. Time well spent, of course.

When I say upcoming, I of course mean December. You can't start planning too early.

Of course I'll tell you my thoughts.  It's really come down to two choices. 

1. Invite approximately 5 or 6 couples to dinner here.  I make one large dish and everyone else brings sides, etc. so I don't work too hard. No one wants me to work too hard, I get cranky.


2. Invite basically everyone I know/like to a party at my house with cocktails and the furniture pushed to the sides so we can dance, should the mood strike us, to all of my awesome running tunes so I can stop dancing and peeing on the treadmill and start dancing in an appropriate (sort-of) location.

I will definitely keep you updated on the developments of this obviously very important, and very challenging decision.  Oh, and yes, your vote does count.  I don't like being the only decision maker.


I really wish I didn't look this lame on my new bicycle.  There is no way around it though.

Stella, on the other hand looks like this....

...and she is unstoppably cute. 

She even looks good in the helmet.

I just spent the last hour and a half filling out various forms for Aiden's kindergarten and Cole's preschool.  I love filling out forms.  I feel happy that I received a giant stack filled with mindless paperwork about where we live, what language we speak, and who I want to pick up my children. 

I can answer these questions. I feel smart and capable while efficiently working my way through the stack. There wasn't a single question I couldn't handle.

Why aren't more things this simple?  Why can't I feel equally confident deciding on an appropriate punishment as I do filling in the names of the people that live with my child. 


This is my latest issue with Cole.  Now he not only is my worst sleeper, biggest tantrum thrower, one that wets his pants, he's using the crayons I bought him to destroy my house.  It was also all over his bed, the floor, and several chairs. Awesome.

Though really, really freakin tough lately, Cole was pretty impressive today when he plucked on the Darth Vader march on Alex's guitar...and then sat down at the piano we've had for 24 hours and worked it out there with a little help from Alex.

I'm trying to keep my expectations in check, but I have a feeling he's going to make me a LOT of money someday soon.  Really, it's the least he can do after he crayoned my house.

I fear this is my future with Stella at Target. 

She also spent the majority of our time at pulling around that Barbie suitcase.  I am not ready for this. Girl stuff scared me. 

Cole was impressively supportive, and actually VERY interested in the Princess Barbie song display. 

He and Stella should do just fine this fall without Aiden at home.

We have separated the boys, giving them each their own room and giving me the fun project of redecorating the guest room for Aiden and tweaking Cole's room into his own space.

(You can check out my VERY lame Pinterest page for some of the things I am looking at for Aiden's room.  Prepare to be disappointed though, I can't keep up.)

Since Aiden will be getting up early for school and Cole is chronically sleep dysfunctional, it just made sense to give them each their own space to relax, sleep, and stay the hell away from me when they are having a rough day.

I've clung to the idea of a guest room for the last two years because I'm irrational about things like that, which is what I think makes me "quirky."  Aren't I fun?

You know I can't stop talking about it, and since this is my blog, I don't care what the title says, I HAVE to say something about it.

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF SUMMER!  Oh sweet Jesus, despite my confidence that I will be weeping Tuesday morning, this is an event we are ready to have happen! 

We have plans for ice cream, movies, bike rides, and a haircut...because nothing says celebration like a haircut! My goal is to be a fun Mom all day.  We'll see how far I get. I'm guessing 9 am....but I will be SO fun from 7-9.


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

interesting list...

Daffy said...

I vote for the dance party with cocktails....and its not because I'm a lush and like to dance nor is it because I don't ever feel like cooking for myself I can't imagine cooking for 12. Or it might be for all those reasons....

Besides thinking about dancing and drinking and peeing a little (panty liners do wonders THANK YOU KOTEX) might help soothe the back to school sniffles. Just a thought

lcarp51 said...

Really? You would clean and cook for your own party? You're a much better person than I.
You should do what I did on my 21st. Go to a club. Drink a little, dance a little. When it's time to pee, go into a bathroom with black and white checked floors. And watch them do the wave. Oh wait. Did I say drink a LITTLE? Anyway. Peeing while watching a spinning floor is way more fun than cleaning my house. Trust me.

Kimberly said...

My little sister used to eat entire sticks of butter for snacks if she could get to them before my mom caught her... Now, at 16, she's got the figure of a supermodel. Figures.

Your kids are adorable! Maybe Cole will turn out to be a musical prodigy and you'll be able to channel that extra energy! Can I add that I love your new piano? I've played since I was three.

I shave my big toes, too. I have exactly two hairs that grow out of each big toe, and it's enough to make me insane.