Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten Things to Smile About

Every month, Emmy over at Emmy Mom - One Day At A Time asks for a Ten Things to Smile About post.  Since I have to do what the Internet tells me to do, I decided it would probably be a good idea. 

Besides, I could always use  a reason to think about the things that make me smile.  I tend to hover over the drama, because that always seems more interesting.  I'm going to give it a try though.

Here we go.

Vampire Books 

My first obsession was with the Twilight books and now I've moved on to the adult Sookie Stackhouse series.  Twilight is infinitely more entertaining since I can actually put the Sookie books down without a problem, but both are an enjoyable escape from Mommy life. 

I find peace, and a little bit of pride, in the fact that I can't watch the True Blood series on HBO that is based off the Sookie books though.  I'm too much of a delicate flower for all that sex and violence.  I prefer to read about it, clearly I'm a better person, right?  This makes me happy.

Kindergarten Open House Night

Aiden's school has an open house this week and I've booked a babysitter. I plan on attending with my husband and then going out for a romantic dinner afterward. And let me be clear, any type of dinner outside of this house, without our children is a romantic dinner. This is a rarity which should be celebrated. 

If you haven't been reading long, I'm nuts for my husband.  I crave time with him and am extremely attracted to him.  I wouldn't be surprised if Alex and I are making out in the back of the classroom.  We have to take advantage of the moments we have.

I wonder if I can sit on his lap in one of those little chairs? 

Generic Sudafed 

Remember when I went to Walgreens to get Sudafed and the people there were convinced I was purchasing it to make meth? (You can read about it here.) Well, I didn't make meth with it, but I thought about trying to figure it out after I saw how expensive it was since I bet meth makers roll in some good cash. 

Wonder why they don't fix their teeth with it?

Then I was at Target, where no one accused me of trying to make meth since I was wearing underwear this time and speaking in full sentences, and discovered there is a generic available for the rock bottom price of $2.75.  Amazing.  I can be headache free, and I could be making a killing on meth if I just bought the generic.  Maybe there is somewhere that I should be sharing this info with the meth suppliers?
Shoes With Bells

Stella has inherited some shoes from my niece that were purchase in Greece by my mother. These shoes are amazing. They slip on her feet easily.  She always wants to wear them....and the best part is that I can always hear exactly where she is, which is priceless now that she enjoys hiding from me.

Scholastic Book Orders

Cole's preschool started yesterday and with it came the first Scholastic book brochure.  I spent 25 minutes of my alone time pouring over this brochure and calculating exactly what I would like to purchase for my children.  There are few joys in life that compare to the arrival of a Scholastic book order.  That's just good clean fun.

Currently I have a total of $54 on a variety of books about feelings and emotions for Cole.  Scholastic is going to change our life, I'm sure of it.

The School Bus

This is handiest part about kindergarten, other than taking Aiden away for 8 hours a day, and just above school lunches.  I had visions of loading the kids in the car for drop off every morning and then waiting in a line after school for pickup, having to wake Stella for both of these trips.  Oh that is so not the situation now that we are on the bus.

I am totally baffled by why everyone isn't using the school bus if it is available to them.  I can not get over how easy it is, how little effort it requires from our entire house, and how much my child loves it.

I admit that I once had some fleeting thoughts of bullies on the bus or something, but I haven't heard of or experienced anything like that.  If we do, we'll reexamine the situation, but for now it means I don't have to do anything more than walk outside with my kid in the morning and wait for a few minutes in my yard in the afternoon. Heaven.


We have officially switched Stella to one nap a day and this is life altering.  She's been going down without a fuss, probably until right after I post this, and have eliminated most of the nap time drama.

I can run an errand in the morning and she's usually up by the time Aiden gets home from school so we could go somewhere in the afternoon if needed.  We are free!!!!

(Totally breaking rules about not talking about sleep in any form. I expect my punishment to be swift and horrid.)


My daughter can be entertained for a solid 45 minutes if given a full box of tampons.  Nothing else keeps her busy like they do.  She empties them all from the box, spreads them all over the room, and then begins to try to open them...and then the fun just multiplies when she gets one open.

It's glorious.


The boys, not mine.  This is the two of them immediately after school yesterday.  They had nothing left in them, school totally depleted them of even being able to sit and watch a TV show. 

This is how I most enjoy my boys right now. They were too tired to even complain about anything.

I love school.


Stella can not get over my high heels.  I thoroughly enjoy her love of the girly things in life, but she is obsessed with me wearing these around the house.

I'm not really your four inch heels for housework sort of girl.  I barely survived these heels in Vegas while drinking heavily, there is little to no chance of me not going crazy trying to wear them around the house.  She's pretty aggressive about it too, she shoves them into my legs if I am ignoring her pleas to put them on.

She's really mean sometimes...but it's sort of funny too.

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Here's one I did on my own before I even knew about Emmy's monthly post, probably because I'm psychic.  Did I forget to tell you I'm psychic?  Anyway, this one had a not so nice commenter so it makes it extra fun, that's here.

What are you feeling happy about?  Or pissed?  I'm amused by both.


Emmy said...

Your posts always make me laugh. And thank you for playing along!! Your list is great. And I totally can read things that I would uncomfortable seeing-- I think the visual just makes it that much more real and obvious where it is easy to sort of skim and not picture it when you read. And I am soo soo excited for Breaking Dawn!
You should check out your local thrift store- that is where I always go to find kids books, mine even sometimes has a "fill a bag" sale where you can fill the bag with as many books as you want for $3! We literally have hundreds of books.
I so wish our school had buses, they did two years ago, but no more thanks to budget cuts. Lucas would love if he could ride a bus to school and so would I.
Thanks again for playing along :) Makes me smile

lcarp51 said...

Today is a day that my #1 thing that makes me smile is...uh...that I don't have poison ivy? I'm thinking if I did this on my blog I might get a visit from someone "official." Maybe I'll wait until next month.

Talisha and Mark said...

You need to read the black dagger brotherhood series! Best vampire books out there, seriously you won't want to read snookie after these. They are so good!

Amanda I said...

I love reading your posts and they always make me laugh.
I am not a fan of those shoes - they drive me batty. But I'm glad they make you smile :-)

Anonymous said...

Do you think you'll ever get over the anonymous comment on your superficial list? Seriously, sister, as someone who gets regular ugly comments - let it go!!!

lcarp51 said...

Think I fixed it. See if it works now. And thanks for the kind words. I need them today. :)

The Mommy Therapy said...

I'm only a fan of the shoes for the way they look, not the way they feel. I love that she is so infatuated with them.

Anonymous, I am totally over the comment on the superficial lisat, only included the link because it is another happy list...I only mentioned the comment for fun, I don't feel anything about it at all.

Another vampire book recommendation! I'm on it! Thanks!

Kimberly said...

I love this! Shoes with bells are so handy for keeping track of toddlers. And I can think of few things I loved more as a kid than picking out books from my Scholastic book orders. Bliss.

And my kids both love tampons, too. Especially Trinity. I have two reasons for keeping our bathroom door shut. Gabe likes to play in the toilet bowl (he can open the lid now, so putting the lid down no longer cuts it). And Trinity likes to unwrap every one of my tampons so she can eject them from the applicators. I caught her chewing on one once and about vomited. Nevermind that it was clean. It's the principle.

Shell said...

Love those heels! And her shoes, too!

Enjoy your date night!

Anonymous said...

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Lourie said...

Hahahaha! SO funny about the tampons. My son took some part once a while back. Instead of making light of it, I got upset. Why? YOur attitude is great. Love the pick of your boys crashed out. Awesome.

Alison@Mama Wants This said...

I love those little pink shoes, they're adorable!

And ooh, nude heels. Way to go for lengthening legs ;) And I totally laughed out loud when you described your daughter shoving your feet into the shoes. My toddler son is the same way with things - he's very insistent! (just not on me wearing shoes, but him wearing shoes, or taking off his clothes etc)

Ann Imig said...

Today I'm smiling because of BACK. TO. SCHOOL.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mrs Montoya said...

What a great ten things! I lazily rely on photos to tell my story, but I love all your details.

Scholastic online ordering is good stuff, huh? Does your classroom get free books for your orders also? I defend my purchases with that little fact sometimes.

And the shoes (yours AND Stella's) are both to die for.

Great post - I am glad I dropped in from Emmy's