Thursday, August 4, 2011

Semantics People, A Little Grace Por Favor

I realize that it's Thursday night and I'm answering the Five Question Friday stuff tonight but it's all I have in me right now and most of you read this on Friday anyway. So let's all agree that I'm forgiven. 

Remember how I finally wrote the Recipe-Ish again yesterday?  You all should be busy making your homemade JLo Popsicles, not reading my blog again. 

(Unless you are new here, then welcome!  Please read some of my popular posts and stay a while.  You are pretty!)

Besides, I actually do have a lot to say it's just too late to start.  I started a new schedule for my life this week and that means I have to get up tomorrow at 5.  Yes, 5, in the morning, to go to the gym so I can't be staying up late to write any more. 

I'm standing my ground.  Until I don't.

In the mean time though, enjoy the Five Question Friday.  If you want to link up and play along you can visit here.  Just copy and paste the questions, add a link and then Friday morning you can link your post.

1. Do you have siblings and are you close with them?

Yes!  I have one older brother, Kyle. 

I adore my brother.  He's one of the people that I admire most.  It took me until late high school or possibly even college though to interact with him much.  We were four years apart and just never had much to say to one another. I didn't really know him until later in life.

He's amazing though. He's dedicated, loyal, probably one of the best friends anyone could ask for, encouraging, supportive, fun, and intelligent.

He lives in DC so distance is rough with our daily closeness, but I do feel close to him emotionally, love our time together, and if something big were going on I'd call him in a second.

There is no way to make this answer amusing.  Read on.

2. Would you rather be slightly UNDER weight or slightly OVER weight?

I guess slightly under?  This question is difficult.  I'm usually slightly under because I don't gain weight very easily, but I think I might feel more energetic if I were slightly over. 

I like the way my clothes fit though when I'm under and I'm not buying new clothes.  Target and Old Navy aren't just going to remake all my favorites because I started gaining weight and I can't afford to buy new ones. 

I'd have to wear potato sacks and sheets and be that weird Mom at school that doesn't have clothes.

Fine, under weight.  I'm sticking with under weight.   I can't be wearing household items.

3. What's your favorite State Fair food to splurge on?

I always get an elephant ear.  Adore the fried dough dipped in cinnamon sugar. 

Wait, I think everyone in Texas calls their equivalent a funnel cake.  Freakin' Texans. 

Also, I think the State Fairs are called the rodeos, which also annoys me for no apparent reason other than the fact that it's different than what I'm used to and that feels odd.

4. What are your thoughts on your kid(s) going to school in a few weeks?

Let's have a moment of silence in honor of how major the event of going back to school is in my life.

I. Can. Not. FREAKIN'. Wait.

There are no words to express the joy I feel about the ending of this horrible thing called summer.  I used to love summer but now it only means days on end with my children asking me what they can do and boredom turning into trouble and don't get me started on the fire ball of sweat and cranky that we live in here. 

Oh, and no new TV shows (other than The Bachelorette, thank you Ashley and JP,) to give me something to look forward to all day.  What was it that I used to be so damn overjoyed about during summer time all those years?

I am done with summer and all that it encompasses. I have no use for it.  Give me fall, give me winter, give me spring, give me year round school.

(This entire question topic is actually what part of the post I wrote in my head earlier is all about.  If you are capable of tapping in to my thoughts you will find it very insightful and amusing, but if you don't have that talent then you are going to have to wait until I type it, how lame.)

5. Pool or Ocean?

That depends.  Am I near an ocean because I have some how managed to escape away from my kids? 
If that is the case I say ocean.
If I have to have my kids with me, pool.  I'd rather have clean, sand free butt playing and frolicking.
Have Thursday/Friday everyone!


Emmy said...

Oh first one! In Illinois we called them funnel cakes also. I am not looking forward to homework battles- so that kind of makes me iffy about school starting.

Anonymous said...

You are the second person I've seen mention Elephant ears...I'm going to have to look them up!

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

If we were neighbors we would be best friends because we would be the only two people in Texas that knows what a freaking elephant ears is. Funnel cakes do not compare to them!! I need to fly to Michigan just to have one. Mmmm.