Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Day Of Summer Fun Attempt, Failed

If you are reading for this first time, you might not know that I think summer sucks.  I'm over it and basically think I would have to go find a job to get away from my kids if summer were lasting another day, or give the kids away. 

I swear, I'm not being dramatic at all.  Fine, I wouldn't give them away.  I would want to though.

If you read this often then you probably are ready for me to shut the hell up about the summer hating and the woe is me, life is difficult at home with my kids.  I totally agree.  I'm annoying myself.

The good news is that school starts tomorrow for Aiden and our new life begins.  I will no longer be able to bitch in post after post about my loathing of all that is summer, except the extended trips to Indiana where life is good

Do not worry though, I'm sure I'll come up with something to vent about around here though.

As I mentioned last night, my goal for today was to make it a fun last day of summer.  It feels awful to know that I have had such a difficult time with the kids for most of the last three months.  I don't think they had a lick of fun either. 

I figured I could do one day of fun.  I mean, just enjoy one freakin day with my own kids.  Almost anyone could do that, right?

Nope.  Not me.

I tried.  I really did. I do think there were fun moments, but the day of fun I envisioned was a lot more enjoyable than the one that played out. Managing my expectations is probably 60% of my problem.  I need lower expectations. 

We started with breakfast on the driveway because they always love that...which they did today, until a huge fight broke out over a small inflatable ball.  This picture was taken just as the storm was brewing.

The absurdity of the fight, which I believe was mainly about whether or not the part you blow in to had to be pushed all the way  in or could be left out, was sort of amusing.  Aiden and Cole both felt VERY passionately about their positions.  I wish they cared this much about almost anything else in life.  I wish they cared this much about putting the seat down, or even just flushing.

I did try to laugh it off, keep it light hearted, but the insanity reached a point I could no longer handle, especially since we have two other balls EXACTLY LIKE THIS ONE INSIDE YOU FREAKS and Stella was a tear streaked mess because she just wanted to put the ball on the grass, which Aiden also strongly opposed. 

Are these people actually going to grow up and live on their own someday?  I feel that their chances of survival are not good.  Aiden is totally going to get jumped in a bar for correcting the way some one's pounding a beer or eating their peanuts.

After I managed to get everyone to calm down about the inflatable ball and get dressed (way too much energy went in to doing this,it's like herding cats,) there was about an hour of Last Day of Summer Magic.  (Yes, it deserves first letter capitalization, it's a proper noun people.)

Aiden, Cole, and Stella all played soccer with me, for about ten minutes of adorable, and then spent about 50 minutes in our never used sandbox. They had so much fun digging, building houses, making roads, catching tapeworm and whatever you get from cat pee. 

It was so fun to watch them play happily together, outside....until Cole started throwing wet sand at Aiden, and Aiden decided he hated Cole, and he couldn't wear any of his clothes anymore so he stripped in the backyard and went inside to get new clothes so I could do more laundry.  Hooray!

Once 9:15 hit it was just too damn hot to be outside anyway and that horrible time of the day happened where I tried to lay Stella down because she went down yesterday for a morning nap to trick me into thinking she still wants that nap, but she fought me hard today.  After about 45 minutes of failed nap I gave up and we all went to get Aiden's haircut! 

I wanted to take him to a barber because his hair is tough to cut, and first day of school seems like a good time to have a solid haircut, but I couldn't handle the protests I received so we landed at Snip Its.

On the most mundane of days, Snip Its is sort of weird. They have weird fake trees and steering wheels you can turn to make an arrow point to one of four positive adjectives, but I'm not sure what they are describing.  Maybe if you can turn a wheel you are automatically awesome, super, good, or great?  I'm just not sure I understand. Maybe it's a drinking game?

They also have some back room where they store a bunch of fairy and princess dresses and advertise to have you bring your daughter and all her friends in for a day of dressing up and putting on makeup.  It feels creepy to me though so I just feel yucky walking by all of it.  I'm also fairly sure Stella will desperately beg me for this party someday since I hate it.

Since today was the last day of summer the place was slammin'! They had popcorn and lemonade in the creepy dress-up room, arts and crafts, and every employee possible working.  Only rap music could have made it more fun in there for the kids. It was a tad crowded for my taste though, especially since there were so many kids around.  It felt more like one giant opportunity to share stomach viruses and horrid behavior. 

Everything went pretty well there, except for the look of Aiden's hair, until Aiden was told by his stylist that he could only pick a lollipop OR a bag of animal crackers.  This was very unsettling to him.  He always gets both when we go, in fact the people usually hand them out to all of us, but today this lady was playing by the rules.

I casually mentioned that we usually get both, but we want to respect the rules and she just gave me a closed mouth smile that basically told me, "screw you."  So I told Aiden to pick one or nothing.  He resisted further. 

It was tough for me too because I sort of didn't get it either.  The lady kept saying, "we have so many kids to give haircuts to today and there needs to be one for everyone," which sort of felt like a load of crap when there were animal crackers and dum-dums out the wazoo everywhere you turned. 

There were also a ton of kids waiting to pay $20 for a horrible haircut, which seems like a lot of money to buy animal crackers and dum-dums.  It wasn't like they were handing out Starbucks drinks.

I pushed it though because I knew it was the "right" thing to do, however inconvenient for me, and it just sucked.  Aiden cried, Cole cried because he didn't get one since he didn't get his haircut, and Stella was just tried because she didn't take her nap.  We almost had a good time, but no.

After lunch and a very challenging rest time where basically no one rested except Stella, even though she still woke up and cried for the next hour, I decided we were going to go out for ice cream.  Everyone around here flips for ice cream and that sounded like the perfect outing for summer. I asked everyone to get their shoes on and go to the bathroom, which was great, except for Cole.

Cole has suddenly been peeing his pants about 4 times a day.  He lies and says he is going potty, but actually just stands next to the toilet talking to himself, and then waits to pee in his pants later.  This is particularly fun when we are out and about without access to 3 or 4 changes of shorts.

When I see a wet stain on his shorts he continually tells me he's just sweaty...his penis is sweaty.  This is what I'm dealing with everyone.  He's creative and casually disobedient and sort of funny.

Today he lied to me about using the bathroom though and I blatantly saw him not pee.  I gave him the opportunity to be honest with me and he wasn't, so I informed him he wouldn't be having ice cream, but we were all going to have a really good time if it killed us so he had to put his shoes on and get in the car. 

Oh, right after he changed his "sweaty" shorts for the third time today!

Of course a giant tantrum commenced and it was rough.  It drained me of all energy I had gathered for making the day fun. I immediately felt defeated, went to my bathroom to stand by the toilet and talk to myself, while I cried a little, and then came back out to get the fun ice cream outing done.

It really was a pretty good outing.  Aiden LOVED it.

Cole, not so much.

But no one freaked out while getting ice cream (yogurt) and Stella managed to walk around the shop smiling and talking to everyone so I didn't have to hold her while I stuffed cake batter yogurt and oreos in to my mouth. 

I wonder why my jeans won't button?

We did run another quick, disastrous errand in preparation for school tomorrow and it didn't go well either.  It's not even worth going over though because it's just more of the same.  None of us want to be doing these run of the mill errands all together, everyday, for days on end.  We all want a break, a new challenge, and a fresh start. 

It all begins tomorrow...and Monday for Cole!

I read stories and tucked Aiden in and his excitement about tomorrow made me well up with tears.  He's going to love it.  As much as I have been so desperate for this summer to be over, as I am desperate for this summer to be over, this was the last day I'll have him all for me. 

I have a feeling we're going to have a lot more fun together, another day.

I have school to wake up for so I'm off to bed!  Hooray!


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Life will get better for you in, oh, about ten years, Leslie. We’re gonna need blog fodder...

Crystal said...

School doesn't start for me for 2 1/2 weeks. Last night I had a moment where I thought, "I can't do this again tomorrow." That's when I began to scheme how I was going to pass my kids off to someone the next day. And I did. And it feels so good. It's okay to get a babysitter for a few hours. Or a whole day (sometimes I fantasize about sleeping over at friends houses that have no kids). It is a totally guilt free pleasure. I know it makes me a nicer mom! I'm sure I'll be nice to my kids for a whole hour when they get home tonight!

Laura SQ-The Boy Mommy said...

Yesterday I was kind of totally wishing I could send my two year old to Kindergarten. But they don't let you do that.

Emmy said...

Hey you really tried. And that tricking about peeing would drive me crazy too. Hopefully dice your oldest will be away for a few hours, it will help the kids be more excited and happy to see each other.

Lorilynne said...

Mine tells me that he squirted himself with his "shoot gun". I am banging my head against a wall daily with all the shorts he goes through. Today I finally bribed him, said that if he goes a whole week with an accident then I'll take him to the store and let him get some new legos. Never mind the fact this his birthday is in a few days and he's gonna get all sorts of new toys....he seemed pretty excited and so far today we are accident free.

lcarp51 said...

Oh, "the stomach viruses and horrid behavior" comment hit me smack in the head. I have become that mom, too. Really, do people LIKE to get other people's kids sick? Is it REALLY that hard to spend the day being nice to them while they throw up? Could it be THAT HARD to teach them to wash their hands? Just because your kid had it and survived doesn't mean we want it. And the behavior issues?? Really? Don't get me started. I could write an entire blog post on why I didn't want my kids to leave the house during their first three years.