Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kindergarten Is Balls of Sunshine, Rainbows, Unicorns...You Understand, Right?

Life is pretty good with Aiden in kindergarten. Cole, Stella, and I are a much more peacefully functioning unit than we were with Aiden. We can go places more easily, have quiet rest time, and Cole doesn't have to be shot down for every thing he does.

I haven't been asked to explain a unit of time or engage in an argument over fairness for three days.  This makes me VERY happy.

It's going so well that I went out to lunch with just myself, Cole and Stella today, at the mall.  I went to the mall with my children....and only a stroller for Stella. A bold move. 

It was great. I didn't even sweat the whole time I was there, which is amazing.  I usually panic and get flustered and start dripping perspiration at the fact that everything is spinning out of control at least twice during that major of an outing.  Not even once today. I probably could have totally skipped wearing deodorant between the lack of stress and the RAIN that was occurring when I left. 

Both kids were happy to eat and jabber away at the table with me, there wasn't a single complaint, not even about the food options. No one yelled about crayon possession, fought over who's cup had more WATER in it, and Cole didn't care at all when I had a pre-meal snack for Stella, but not him.

Apparently Cole is all sorts of chill, enthusiastic, and peaceful in the absence of his brother.

Stella's behavior hasn't changed much, but she still is painfully cute.

Look at how sweetly Cole and Stella are bonding.  They never hung out when Aiden was around.

I realize this might sound like I don't really miss Aiden and I'm happy he's gone.

I also realize that you might think I should deny this.

But, I won't. I don't miss him, not really. He does come back every day and he and I had a LONG summer together. I am happy he's gone, but mostly because he's so happy to be gone and it has made life here so much more peaceful...and I've really needed that.  I honestly think Cole really needed it too.

I think all the peace is going to my head though.  The peace and the going to bed too late and getting up too early.  I can't write to save my life the last few days.

I spent three hours last night trying to blog about a myriad of thing. I have about five different posts which are all about a quarter written. A recipe-ish to Aiden for mac and cheese, a post about online shopping for jeans with Alex, a post about me wanting to stab the weatherman and him finding out, and more pee stories.  (There is always a good pee story.)

They are all really great beginnings, and then they sort of fall apart and don't make any sense.

I thought it might be funny to write a post tonight filled with only those beginnings, all mixed up, but I've been at the computer two hours and I'm thinking this entire idea is just further proof that I can't write jack right now.  I realized it really just sucks and possibly I can't even tell what's funny anymore because I'm too happy.  I've lost my edge.

I am enjoying the hell out of this time though.  I have not yelled in three days.  Three days people. I usually can't go three hours. I am calm and having fun with Cole and Stella and it is so fantastic.  We are riding bikes, we're playing play-doh, finding new computer games, baking, and just hanging out.  Cole is so pleased to just be with me, or do anything, that it is so wonderful.

He even loved taking ninja photos of me, his request not mine.  I totally rocked the ninja though.

Cole totally rocked the photography.

He's still having some sad times getting used to Aiden being gone though.  He misses his friend, but I know he feels the relief of not having a big brother on him about everything all the time. He also turns into a total shit once Aiden is home.  Coincidence?  Hmmmm....

Geez, all this to say that I Cole goes back to school on Monday and when that happens I'll focus more on finishing one of those posts.  But for now I'm going to soak up the peace.  I haven't felt felt so relaxed in months.

Maybe I'll write a recipe-ish next week, maybe I'll finish one of those posts I started, maybe I'll have something more amusing to share than my neighbor "walking" his donkeys near my house.



Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

So glad to hear that life is calmer in Leslie-Land since school began for number one son. We like our kids most of the time and that means we can love when they go away from us for a time. I was really thrilled when my kid moved to Hawaii and my day-to-day trials were slashed by the 3000 mile distance. Course, she’s back and the good times are rolling—psyche !~!

Lorilynne said...

Adorable pictures! I especially love the one of them looking at the books in bed together, too cute. I really want that for Calvin and Ethan but Ethan still takes a morning nap the whole time Piper is at school so it's just me and Calvin; which is also pretty nice.
I am really looking forward to the days when Piper goes to school all day. Right now I just get 2 hours and 20 minutes of peace and when the Piper tornado gets home, everything goes back to normal and I have to deal with the fighting and the thousand questions, etc.'s a little easier for me to deal with when I've had that little break in the morning. I'm so happy you're getting that rest after your rough summer!

Rachel said...

Walking his donkeys. Lol

Emmy said...

What-the your neighbor walks his donkeys?? You neighbor has donkeys?
And yes, it is okay to be happy they are away for a bit, especially like yous said when they are so happy about being gone.

Kimberly said...

That donkey picture is awesome.

I'm so glad to hear things are going so smoothly now that your big boy is in school! Cole and Stella are SOOO cute together. That bonding is priceless!

Enjoy your more relaxed and calm days with two. Congratulations on surviving the mall. And yay for rain!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Loving our kids means it is okay to love them when they are off doing their thing, right?
You have got some ninja moves all right. I may need to have you teach me those.

The Brown Family said...

Do you think that kindergarten would accept my 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old??? Then I could just hang out with ya'll at that mall? No? Well instead, while you are hanging at the mall, I will be wrangling toddlers during the day and drinking wine at night. jk. I'm glad to hear that Aiden is enjoying school and you are enjoying the kiddos!

lcarp51 said...

Could you write a post just about the donkeys? I mean, I totally understand the kid thing, but the donkeys are a total trip.

Bobbi said...

I feel you on the mall-induced sweating. I have a 3yo and 3mo. I thought that the sweating was a hormone thing from breastfeeding. Now I know it's a result of having at least one crazy child. I just didn't know how crazy she was until the nice calm baby came along.

All the pictures are priceless. And about the writing... don't sweat it. I am amazed that you make the time to write as often as you do. I'd love to do that. Right now I can barely find the time to shower.

Anonymous said...

I am over 50 and still have one at home. I have had a couple of three kids myself and remember all to well that feeling of relief. Nothing wrong with saying it out loud, hunnie :) You love your kids and anyone that reads your blog knows that. Enjoy but not too much cause once they leave the nest they never look back.... unless they need books for school and their car breaks down or they need gas money. How 'bout when they lost their apartment cause they lost there job cause they partied too hard, cause they had a fight with their girl/boy friend because of course they were pestering them to no end.... you get it. Love your blog.

Laura SQ-The Boy Mommy said...

well done going to the mall! I'm SO not anywhere near that stage!

walking donkeys?...haha

Rhenee Berger said...

So, I've been tryin to keep up with your blog since your beautiful SIL directed me this way... I've never commented -BUT- I had to this time :D I've got 4 kiddos - and this has been my 1st year as a SAHM. I cried the night before my 2 oldest sons went back to school - we had such a great summer! BY NOW - I wonder why the heck I was crying?! It's been so nice to run to the store and only have to tote 2 around with me!!! The fighting has dropped 100%! I wish I could fight for longer hours in school - our young minds could use more education! Even my youngest boy, Aidan, asked me - "mom, why do we have to have Kevin & Joshua? Can it just be me, you & daddy?" Ha... of course, I don't plan on getting rid of any kiddos... but sure am lovin this SAHM gig while kiddos are in school!! And THIS week, Aidan starts MDO... I can't wait to see what it's like being mommy to one angelic 19 month old! :)
Thanks for the laughs... sorry I puked up a novel on your comment section!