Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Variety of This Post Is Sort of Like A Really Small Newpaper, Without Any Actual News

Apparently Alex ran into a telephone pole with his car today. I say apparently, because I haven't heard from him. I called, but no return call yet.

You know how I found out?


I love me some Facebook, but I would prefer to find out information about members of my immediate family running into large, potential harmful, pieces of wood via the phone or in person.

I'm very touchy-feely like that.

Since Alex was able to post on Facebook I am assuming he is alright, but I guess he could have asked someone at the hospital to log in to his account and update his status.  Does that happen often?


Before we left for Indiana I did a little research to find a Crossfit location near my parents' home so I could workout.  I was convinced that I would want to continue the intense workouts, even informing my parents that I would probably be going three times a week to the 6:30 am class.

This is where you take a moment to sit back and laugh. 

Crazy Leslie.  I haven't been once and tomorrow marks a week here.

I do need some form of exercise in order to stay reasonably sane so I have started running around my parents' neighborhood.  This is strange because I despise running outdoors.  It might be psychological, allergy related, or just my weakness in any sort of heat, but running outside is too painful for me that I have to stop right away. 

I'm a very complicated, delicate person.

Fortunately it's been working really well here.  I've actually enjoyed my running outings.  Sometimes I run, sometimes I walk, sometimes I sprint and feel like an idiot when a car drives by, but I'm loving it.


Whereas yesterday we were living large at the fancy pool at the rec center, paying $18 just to walk through a gate toward the pool, this afternoon we've chosen a more simpler time.

Bathing suits are optional here in Indiana.  It's such a slutty state.

I'd like to say that Cole enjoyed this just as much as the lazy river and the fun slide and shooting water at the rec center, but that would be a huge lie.  He realized that he was lying in a $5 piece of discarded plastic that just appeared in my parents' yard. 

He played, but he knows there is something better out there.  I'm not raising a fool...well, not about this.


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Oh sweet mother...you found out via facebook and still have not heard from him??? I would be a wreck! You seem calm. I probably do not seem calm. Do I ever seem calm? No.

You keep enjoying this trip because I am definitely enjoying these posts!

iMentalMommy said...

Apparently Facebook is used to update every kind of status...like when you're robbing a bank and holding someone hostage. Sadly, its only then that people want to friend you......True story.

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Facebook is crazy! I hope Alex is alright. I'm sure you have heard from him by now. I hope!

I LOVE running outside. You're crazy! Treadmills drive me nuts. I run outside year round. Maybe I'm the crazy one :)

Stella looks like she is thoroughly enjoying the 5 dollar piece of plastic!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I actually love going to dinner with my husband and other couples, because I learn sooooooo much. Especially about work, since he almost refuses to talk about work after he's done for the day. But give him a beer and some friends, and he just rambles...kinda like he did with me before we got married...

NDiggs said...

Leslie, you never seem to disappoint me. Your blog is amazing and I have a great appreciation for it.

Delaney said...

Hope Alex is okay. That 5 dollar piece of garbage looks fun & refreshing to me! Visiting you from Blogaholic Social Network. =]