Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've Now Resorted To A Photo Post To Get Out Of Any Work And Share My Annoying Joy

I am in full slacker mode folks.  Please lower your expectations and read some of your favorites from the past.  Or, just this once, find another, slightly less fantastic blog to fill your moments.  Be sure it is slightly less fantastic though, I need you back here soon.

Alex has arrived and is enjoying the escape from the fire that is Texas.  I even took him to the rec center and had him float around on the lazy river to push him over the edge of simply needing to move here.  I think that if the temperature could remain below 90 for the duration of his visit I could persuade him, but since the forecast is not cooperating I assume we'll be returning to Texas. 

What happened to my meteorological magic?  I'm such a failure.

Remember how I've been talking about all these photos I've been taking but I haven't been able to get a cord to connect my camera to my computer?  Well, I know many of you have been up late imagining what all of these photos are and when, for the love of God am I going to get that freakin' cord!??! 

First, calm down.

Second, you will probably be disappointed.

Third, here we go.

There are few things Stella loves more than a ride on the Tractor, with Tractor.

I have no idea what is going on here, but I like pictures where she looks funny, so here you go.

Aiden just learned to ride on a borrowed, very big bike and he was elated. 

Why would you play tennis on your Grandparent's tennis court when you can race bikes on it?
Cole melts my heart.

This was the most adorable fight ever captured.

Peppered with hugs and LOTS of giggles.

Seriously, her face keeps contorting and it's hilarious.

I have never seen Cole more delighted about falling water. The sprinkler was a big success with the boys.

This is basically all Stella cared about though.  This cat makes her beyond happy.
I vividly remember doing this with neighborhood friends and seeing my boys relish in the fun of backyard sprinklers is so wonderful, I love it.
Even Indiana wants to play in Indiana
Stella is very reflective here.  There's a lot on her mind.
That's it people.  I'll keep posting photos as they happen. But, I don't promise to do it in a timely manner.

I'm trying to take a bit of a break while I am here and focus more on relaxing and less on trying to figure out how to make baking banana bread amusing. It's a very challenging role I have.

I hope you all are enjoying summer and have found some of your own magic, even if you aren't fortunate enough to be in Indiana.   I suppose there are a few other places that might be OK.


Big D and Me said...

It;s freakin' hot here in Texas - stay there until at least November when it should be back to the 80's

Daffy said...

Photos photos photos! I love them!! And your littles are adorable!!

Enjoy taking it easy. Banana bread can zap the life out of you! It is SO void of personality sometimes.

Shannon Marie said...

I love the kiddo photos. Keepin' it real. Have a great time in IN with the fam.

Emmy said...

Yes enjoy your vacation! I think we all have blogging slumps in the summer- but that is good as it means we are living life :)