Monday, July 4, 2011

Is Packing Really That Important for Three Weeks Away?

I have intended to post the last two days, but things keep getting in the way.  Honestly, I have been super busy.  Primarily I'm diligently packing for the three week trip to Indiana which starts tomorrow morning. 

Alright, I haven't done all that much packing, but I have thought about it a lot while doing some other fun things.

We've gone to the pool, we set up that elusive Slip N Slide for the kids, and I went to Target and was forced to buy a big floppy straw hat which I convinced myself I would wear all the time because I was in Target and they have all those fumes that make you buy shit you don't need. 

I did wear it today to the Round Rock Fourth of July parade.  I kept asking Alex if I could handle a hat like this, to which he always said "Yes," because he isn't stupid. 

Aiden and Cole were mostly concerned with the candy collection, and eating.

My parents mostly sat in the shade and took turns trying to entertain Stella.

We also went to a Fourth of July party and sat in a pool for two hours and chatted and mingled. Since my parents didn't feel they were fully recovered from the parade excitement, they stayed with Stella so we got to be a functioning family of four!  No baby!  This is life altering by they way.

I sipped a margarita out of my thermos which usually contains water, which definitely messed with my head when considering how much I should drink.   This is a significant factor in my apathy toward packing right now. I'm sleepy.
I did do a decent am out of laundry and there's a very impressive pile of clean, yet disorganized, clothes on the floor of my bedroom.  They are piled on top of two large duffel bags which I intended to pack yesterday, but I just haven't been able to force myself yet. 

I believe all this will be sitting there until tomorrow morning when I am forced to throw something into the bags in order to prevent my Mother from having a stroke.

 Stella is ready to go though.

I have been looking forward to this trip for months. Other than my annual weekend with my high school girlfriends, which is basically laughing and hanging out with my girls for three days, this is my favorite time of the year hands down.  I am happiest, most relaxed and so full of joy I don't recognize myself while I am enjoying an Indiana summer.

I seem to have stalled in my preparations though.  I am lagging in motivation to find the perfect car trip activities for the kids, particularly for Stella.  I won't lie, I am afraid of her on this 22 hour trip.  It might be rough.  I should be preparing, training, possibly drinking.

I should be putting Benedryll in easy to reach spots in the van to knock out unruly children.

I should be figuring out how to buy a new wire for our jacked up DVD player so I don't have to break up fights between Aiden and Cole for 1,100 miles. 

I should be refilling prescriptions and depositing checks and returning that crappy trash can I ordered from Amazon, since all that seems crazy to do from Indiana.

But I'm not.  I'm just not.

Instead I'm sitting up late, drinking wine and playing Mexican Train dominoes with my parents and Alex.  I'm watching HGTV with my Mom and finding the Old El Paso commercials about deciding whether or not to have hard or soft taco shells for dinner are hilarious...have you seen that wheel they spin?  Am I the only without Tivo that is forced to watch advertising?

I am confident I will pull through though.  We will leave tomorrow, even if I have no clue about what is packed in those bags.  I'm totally taking the Benedryll though, keeping that inside my bra for easy access. 

I'm going to do my best to blog from the road.  At the very least I'll be taking good notes so I can give you a full recap once we're safely in Indiana.  It should be interesting.


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Have a good time while you sleep. I hope the drive is ok-2 hours is a loooong time, Leslie. I’ll miss you. So will Texas !~!

mama_pez said...

Your mom totally rocks the hat, too!

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

You look adorable in the hat! Love it!

I'm with you on Target. I go in there for one thing and come out with twenty. I have purposely left my credit cards behind when I go there and only bring like 20. This helps!

Good luck with that drive. We drove from Houston to Michigan for christmas. My husband is crazy and drove 22 hours straight through!! It wasn't too bad though. DVDS are a MUST!!

Have a beautiful safe trip. Think of me melting to the sidewalk on my morning runs. Will you please run like 10 miles for me in your perfect midwest weather?!

Cheryl said...

Hope you have a fun trip!
And you TOTALLY rock the hat!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Your mom is such a midwesterner! Look at her wearing PANTS in July. Hilarious :D