Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'll Probably Be Living At A Cracker Barrel off I-55 By Tomorrow Night

Remember when MTV used to have spring break from Cancun and Ft. Lauderdale and other equally disgusting but tropical locations? 

Well, I'm basically going to be doing the same thing the next few weeks.  Tonight I'm in Bryan, Arkansas and this place is on fire!  If there were a stage and some sort of drinking contest or a booze cruise, this would be televised.  I'm confident Pitbull would be making an appearance, maybe even with JLo.

(When am I going to stop talking about these two people?)

Since I'm hovered in the corner of a luxurious Comfort Inn with my three children sleeping, I'm going to make this short. 

Overall the trip went well.  We had two meals at Cracker Barrel which is a surprising hit with all the travelers, proving itself as the restaurant/store that can cross generations.  It also has a fabulous pumpkin spice candle right now that everyone should purchase immediately, they surely will sell out by the time you should be burning a pumpkin scented candle in October.

We only drove 500 out of the 1100 total we have to travel, and tomorrow has all the makings of a rough day ahead of us. The good news for you all is that I'm sure there will be all sorts of stories  and emotions and freak outs to come out of this.

I'll try to take good notes and/or photos so you can laugh at my misery later.

Best traveler of the day?
Indiana.  He willingly slept on the floor, never made a sound, much less a request or demand, and didn't require any amount of effort to convince to eat, drink or use the bathroom.  Fantastic. 

Worst Traveler of the day?
Stella.  If she wasn't asleep or eating she was uber pissed about being strapped into a seat.  She threw anything given to her and only found joy in a bag of wire nuts and this little musical toy that I believe is stolen merchandise from my sister-in-law's children.  The joy she had only lasted in about three minute intervals though.   
My Mother comes in second for worst traveler of the day due to her horrible back pain and all the discussion and limitation that comes out of that.  Since she really is in a lot of pain though, and I can't believe how much she is trying to help, she'll just be classified as traveler with the most ailments.

So far so good on the going to sleep angle of things here.  Stella even sported her big brother's t-shirt for bed since I totally forgot to pack her pajamas...a shining example of  my disorganization and overall lack of preparation for this trip.

She also might have colored on the pillowcase and on part of the sheet.  Oops.  It's washable ink though and significantly less disgusting than all the stuff you find when someone on Dateline shows that black light over the hotel bedding. 
I wonder who gave her all those markers?

We'll start again tomorrow and hopefully make it to Indiana before 10 pm and/or before any of us decide to just live forever in somewhere like the Cracker Barrel in West Memphis, Arkansas....which I could definitely see myself doing if they could promise me a booze cruise.

P.S.  I really hope this makes some level of sense.  I'm not proofing it because I am not sure I'm going to stay awake long enough to make that happen.


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

It totally makes sense! Oh my gosh...gotta love hotels. "Let 'em color with markers on the bed! Yeah! It'll be awesome!"

Love it.



Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow....YOU'RE ONLY A DAY AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Abbie said...

Traveling with kids is an experience.

You seemed to doing okay!!!

Have a great night sleep and look forward to what is in store for tomorrow!!

Big D and Me said...

Cracker Barrel fun! We now stop at cracker barrels when we travel with the kids - I used to hate it as a teenager and remember telling my mom I would never come back to a C.B. again - so far my oldest is only 9 and enjoys C.B., but I know the hatred for there is coming just to bite me in the rear.