Monday, July 11, 2011

I Reform Released Sex Offender Tracking Options and Watch Stella Eat Onions - No They Do Not Overlap

First, just in case you saw some strange posts from me, I was not posting random old pictures which I have previously used in posts as an attempt to get out of blogging while I am on vacation in Indiana. 

(I am having motivation trouble, but have not yet gone to those lengths.  I like to think that I would at least always use a new photo.)

I posted four old photos when trying to delete them because I was trying to watch TV while blogging, something I am apparently incapable of doing. 

Last night I decided to throw a dark cloud over my time here in Indiana.  I had been feeling so happy that I was starting to itch.  It was very uncomfortable for me. 

What can bring sadness and doom fast?  A Diane Sawyer ABC Special on Jaycee Dugard. 

I don't usually take the time to watch too much beyond highly intellectual programming like The Bachelorette, American Idol, Modern Family and such, but last night I was drawn in fast.  My mother often likes to watch British television on PBS so when I glanced up from my computer while she was searching for the PBS station and saw Diane, I spoke up.  It was time to hear from an American on the TV. 

I was entralled and disgusted and terrified throughout the interview.  There are just so many aspects of this heinous crime that are difficult to comprehend, but I think what struck me most was how amazing Jaycee reacted to it all.  She was a phenomenal example of perservering after a tragedy, not holding on to anger and living life for now.

I could not believe that this girl (woman really) was not completely jacked up. She appeared to be so rationale.  She expressed her love for life now and I didn't see a moment of bitterness.  How could someone in such a horrible situation not be filled with resentment and rage? 

I see people still stewing over wrongs against them from high school that had nothing to do with any physical or psychological damage.  Jaycee Dugard is amazing. I am grateful to her for writing her book honestly and at least appearing to be a woman of values and grace despite her situation.

On the other hand....geez oh man.  I found myself on that watchdog website for hours searching for sex offenders near my house, near my parent's house, my in-laws, etc.  I clicked on creepy looking men and attempted to memorize their address and facial features so that I could be sure that I never roll the windows down in the minivan when we cruise by those houses.

I am fairly confident I won't remember any of their faces though so I felt like a failure as a protector of my kids. It seems like it would be far easier to just tattoo the words "I AM DISTURBED" accross the offenders' foreheads immediately following their trials in order to allow me to give my kids a more clear cut warning about who to stay away from while out biking and what not.  

That Bearenstein Bears book on stranger danger is helpful, but a large tattoo would really clear things up.  It also would shorten that story a lot and that would help me get to the point when reading that to my kids for a casual teaching moment. 

Who do I take this brillant idea to?  Perhaps Obama or Oprah?

I also spent way too long reading their convictions and wondering how the hell someone gets to the point where they find it OK, or at least worth doing, to sexually abuse a child of 11 or 8 or 5 or whatever! What is going on inside their heads?  I don't know if I want to know.

All I do know is that none of my kids will be walking to or from the school bus stop until I feel comfortable with them carrying a knife and/or reciting the entire Bearanstein Bears book to me verbatim.  Seriously, it's long.  Why do those books have to be so long?

In other sad news, my joyful and perhaps boastful post about the joy of Indiana weather has come back to bite me in the ass.  It has given several individuals ammunition for blaming me for forcing the temperature here up past that horrid 90 degree mark.  Yes, it was 93 today and it sort-of, kind-of  sucked.

I can't tell you how many times I heard, "oh you're from Texas?  So YOU are the one that brought this heat here." 

Yes people, I have a confession.  I can actually control weather patterns. 

It's pretty amazing. I'm pretty amazing. 

We did pathetically need to escape the heat and therefore spent this morning inside the cool and magical confines of the Carmel, IN public library.  I would move here tomorrow for the library alone.  It is huge and jam packed with fantastic things to entice children to fall completely in love with the idea of reading.  My boys didn't want to leave. 

Well, until a mentally disabled woman started to follow us around and ask Cole, very loudly, why he was wearing those cowboy boots!?!?  He wears his boots around often, but this did not sit well with this woman. 

You know what else did not sit well with her?  The fact that we were from Texas. 

I'm not sure if she hated the idea of the state by itself, since she kept mumbling about how scary Texas is, or that we were clearly going to have to steal someone's card to check out all our books.

She was a bit unsettling, but she wasn't aggressive or anything.  I was proud of the boys for not saying any inappropriate comments out loud about this woman's off behavior.  She really was a gold mine for obnoxious statements that could have easily poured out of either of their mouths. 

I also was really proud of myself for not grabbing the boys and running after watching that Jaycee Dugard special.  Did I mention that I was amazing?

Later this afternoon my parents kept Stella so that I could take the boys to a local recreation center.  The pool there is simply amazing.  If you live around Indy and haven't been to the Monon Center, please go there as soon as possible because I believe happiness might be one of the chemicals in the pool water. 

There is a lazy river that we cruised around four times.  I literally sat in an inner tube and so did Aiden and Cole and we floated around.  Best pool activity EVER. 

It could have only been improved by an adult beverage to sip on while we drifted.  Apparently that isn't allowed.

It was relaxing and completely absent of any physical exertion on my part.  If I could get Alex on that river a few times I think he might want to move here too. 

The main pool area was almost better.  The boys could walk the entire time and spent 90% of the time climbing up this large play structure, going down a slide where I would wave from my lounge position near the bottom, and then giggling with other children.

Do not be concerned.  I never let them out of my sight.  There was zero chance of someone successfully stealing either of the boys. 

I was so happy to be at the pool with the boys and not even have to do anything with them, I bought them a slushie right before we left.  This was pretty much crazy Mommy behavior since it was dinner.  (I was drunk on the joy I felt about my low level of involvment in an entire two hour pool experience.)

Please, no one tell my mother.  She is already convinced that I don't feed my children vegetables and am jacking up all things food related in general with them so this would sort of push her over the edge. 

If you need incentive to keep this secret, just look at the joy the boys felt after I told them we were in fact not buying water, but instead ice with sugar poured over it.

To wrap up the day of Indiana excitement, Stella ate a large pile of sauteed onions, an entire chicken sausage link, yellow squash, zuccini, a pile of blueberries, half a banana, three large strawberries, a glass of milk and a graham cracker.  Keep in mind that she still only has TWO teeth.  She's clearly inheirted those amazing genes I have. 

I wonder if she will be able to control the weather too?

And if you haven't seen a baby shovel in strips of onion, it's pretty awesome. 

Pretend she's feeding herself, that you can actually see that it's an onion, and that I have a bra on so that you can pretend that I do in fact have breasts.

I have no idea why I felt I should include that photo, but it's late and it makes sense now. 

Have a great day everyone!  You know it's going to be good in Indiana!

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Thanks for all the support everyone!


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Stella and Cecilia seem to have similar eating patterns. Is it a midwesterner thing? Somehow she manages to eat during every minute of every day, 3 times as much as my boy who is almost 4, but still is only in the 25th percentile for weight. I MUST find out what her secret is!

Also, that picture of your boys is SPECTACULAR. I don't think a better picture of brothers has ever been taken.

And Wednesday will be cooler. A LOT cooler. Yes, a 2 day "heat wave". Hilarious! :D

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

What a lot of info to react too !~! Dang, leslie, I was all set to talk about Jaycee and then you told me about Slurpee’s and I peed my pants. Then sauteed onions and you have lost your breasts !~! Indiana Here I Come.

Jaycee is magnificent isn’t she. What an incredible example for us to strive to. She was eleven for crying out loud. I get weepy every time I see her on the news and she’s from here so I see a LOT. Her ability to love her daughters and be sane thruout that entire ordeal--two Decades, Leslie.

Inspirational. Incredible. Astonishing. Exemplary. An example for us all who have everyday travails. "Keep the big picture in mind" is what I take from our amazing Jaycee. May each step she takes lead the way to Peace for her family.

and I hope that bastard gets his dick cut off in prison. and his wife too.

ALI said...

Love the picture of the boys & the fun you are having during your visit home!

There is something awesome about being around your parents that makes the job of parenting seem easier...

Big D and Me said...

I'm so jealous you went to the rec center without your little one - I am constantly chasing our 2 year old around - I'm pretty sure I can diagnose her ADD right now - yeah for grandparents willing to watch little ones - Jennifer

The Mommy Therapy said...

Being around the parents makes having kids so much easier. This is one of the HUGE reasons that I want to move back. Life could always be almost this good!