Friday, July 1, 2011

Grandma and Tractor Return! And Just In Time For Five Question Friday

I had to take Thursday off people, there has been a lot going on around here.

Primarily though, I was busy enjoying the bliss that has returned to life.

I felt out of sorts and disorganized, overwhelmed by my mountain of ordinary daily tasks when I returned from Houston last Saturday, which turned me into a big ball of sunshine.  Or, maybe I was a cranky bitch, it's tough to recall all the details.

I pushed through the weekend though and by the time I wrote my Ten Things To Be Happy About post in an effort to push me into a cherry state again, had cleaned and gotten my kids back in a strict routine, I was feeling better.  Three days of working hard with my kids and staying on top of my cleaning was sufficient to rebuild my self esteem though, now it's time for my parents to be here so I can relax.  

I don't want to over exert myself. 

I picked them up Wednesday at noon to begin a 4 week family fun fest that will surely elicit all sorts of blog fodder.  I'm not sure I'll be able to cover it all. 

The plan is for them to hang out with us for a few days here in Texas and complain incessantly about the heat, then squeeze into my minivan with my three children and dog and drive for two days back to their house in Indiana for three weeks. This trip is truly an amazing display of the sacrifice people are willing to endure for their children and grandchildren.  Thank you Grandma and Tractor!

Since arriving, my father has already convinced Aiden that he is 41, had an intricate discussion with Aiden on male patterned baldness and scared several small children at a local pool with his scary white feet that he never allows to see the sun since they were severely burned back in 1965.  He's holding on tight to that fear, but smoking since he was 12....not a problem.

My Mom has made treasure maps and messages in the bottle for the boys and walked Stella all over the house as she grunts and points. (Stella does about 90% of the grunting and pointing.)  My Mom also has been joining me in glasses of white wine and taling Stella on walks around the neighborhood.  Sometimes it's just nice to have someone to do these things with to take the kid factor down a notch or two.

Yesterday my parents babysat all three kids so that I could go get my hair cut AND colored.  I am living large during family fun fest. I don't remember the last time I had it colored.  I feel exactly like JLo.

I went to a new stylist that I had a met a few times through a mutual friend and I love her.  I love her style, I love her attitude, I love her thoughts on parenting, I love that she can sew, I love that she didn't make fun of me for asking her to take a picture of me after the haircut.  She was fabulous.

Please note that I am wearing my go-to outfit for whenever I leave the house without kids. 

Is there anything like going to get your hair done to make you feel like a real person again? 

She didn't even ask me to get her anything, the whole time I was there.  She even offered me a drink. No one whined.  I sat the whole time, except to move under the scary hot dryer with my head full of metal. 

I read an entire magazine filled with outfits and accessories and makeup ideas that I will never purchase or put to use because they would be ruined by my kids, but I am confident that I am a better person for now having absorbed some of this information.

It was the exact opposite of being at home and it felt so very nice.  I think I'll go back weekly.

Now on to the Five Question Friday event.  I've been participating for a few weeks now and I think this is just fun.  I don't make up the questions, that's done at Five Crooked Halos.  Head on over if you want to play along too.

I copy and paste the questions and then write my answers as I read them.  The questions are random and I usually answer slightly off topic, but that's not my fault. 

1. If you had the opportunity to bungee jump, would you?

That's crazy.  I do not find thrill in that feeling like I might die.  That just doesn't sound good.  I can barely handle the log ride at King's Island.   (Any Midwesterners out there?)  I am a wimp.

So I guess my answer is no, but I do really like when I am watching horrible/great reality TV and people are put in to awkward situations where they are forced to do this.  This has happened a few times on the always spellbinding Bachelor/Bachelorette series. 

There's nothing like showing up for a date and being told you have to jump off a bridge to prove you really want a rose from someone you have fallen in love with after 5 dates, the majority of which you were sharing this person with a minimum of 6 other people.  It's just smart television.

2. Would you rather go to the movie theater or to the drive-in?

This is too ambiguous.  Am I alone or with someone?  Friend or husband? City or country?

I'll just have to cover my bases.

If I were alone or with friends I would rather go to a movie theater.  There's no need for me to be in a car by myself in a parking lot watching a movie.  Also, I don't see why my friends and I would do this instead of a traditional theater....unless it's 1955 or something and we are The Pink Ladies in Grease, then we'd be all over that drive-in.

If I were with my husband, it might up the excitement factor to go to a drive-in.  Maybe.

If we were in the middle of nowhere though I don't think I'd sit in my car alone or with anyone.  I have an irrational paranoia of vast expanses of land at night time. I think this comes from watching horror movies about evil people coming out of fields of corn.

If we were in the city, well, I guess I don't think I'd sit in my car alone or with anyone either.  I have an irrational paranoia of urban areas at night time.  I think this comes from years of listening to my Mother tell stories or forward me emails of girls carjacked or simply asked to smell perfume at gas stations and then taken away to live with dwarves in small caves or something like that. 

Fine, movie theatre.  But only in a mid-size suburb.

3. Do you have your groceries delivered?

This question made me giggle.  I don't know why though. 

Maybe my new hair coloring is seeping into my brain.

If ordering a few special items from counts, then yes.  But, for the most part, no.

I think this would overwhelm me, but then again everything overwhelms me.

Also, what the hell would I write about if I didn't have to take all three of my kids to the grocery store on a weekly basis?  I can't over simplify life and miss out on opportunities to be freaked out.  It's really all part of a process to be able to write more.

Geez, I'm really horrible at these questions.

No.  Not delievered.

4. Eyebrows: Do you wax, thread, pluck, or stay au naturel?

I used to wax, but I can't keep up with that so I pluck. 

I do want to try the threading thing though.  I think this is associated with my fascination with people that can sew.  Can those threading people also sew I wonder?
5. Would the people you went to high school with be surprised by your life today?

I think they would be SHOCKED to learn that I am a stay at home mom of three in suburban Texas driving a minivan.  I mean, that rarely happens to anyone....really only the cream of the social crop.
I actually assume that most people would be surprised to learn that I am in fact not a state senator, nor president of The United States of America.  I displayed great potential as junior class president while planning prom, and as a senator my senior year doing whatever it was we did...I think we met every Monday morning before school and laughed. 
Any high school people reading this?  How blown away are you by my CRAZY life?
Thanks for reading everyone!  Have a great weekend!
By the way...I just checked my Top Mommy Blogs Rating and I was at 22!  When did that happen? Thanks if you've voted and if you haven't I think you really need to double check your priorities. 
Go to the right side of the blog and just click on the link to Top Mommy Blogs.  That's all you have to do, you don't even have to find my blog there.  It's magic.
Seriously, this is the post that never ended.


Lorilynne said...

Your hair looks great! This reminds me that I really need to go out and get my hair cut. I think the last time was in April when I got it cut and colored and that was two glorious hours out of the house that I would love to have again sometime soon.
It cracks me up when people have to do those crazy stunts on tv. I probably shouldn't admit this because it is the trashiest tv ever, but I am currently watching the current Real World/Road Rules challenge show and it kills me the stunts they make those people do. It's never just bungee jumping; it will be bungee jumping off a platform suspended over a waterfall and then they have to detach themselves and swim a mile and then eat a bug or something. Great tv.

Kerry Rossow said...

I love this!
1. I hail from Indiana as well!
2. "Threading" and "eyebrows" should never go together.
3. I have an IN aunt that smokes like a chimney but won't go to the ocean because of those &^%$ sharks.
4. I bungee jumped/skydived pre-children- now they provide daily adrenaline rushes!
Thanks for the fun!
Kerry at

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Oh my gosh, your life is JUST like JLo's now!!!!! So jealous.

Yay for grandmas and days away from the entire family. I mean yes I love them, but let's be real, right? I need a break, yo!

So happy for you :)

lcarp51 said...

Yay! King's Island!!

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Love the new 'do color. Looks (to me) just like the old color. What do I know from hair color, my hair wouldn’t know a bottle of color if it was wearing a sandwich board name tag; going gray is too much F U N !~!

Your mom rocks the Grandma Gig like a pro; how many sibs do you have with kids? Enjoy Indiana, that’s in tornado alley, right ?....

Shell said...

Your hair looks fabulous!!!

I think getting my groceries delivered would be fabulous. Especially in the summer when I usually have to take 3 children grocery shopping with me- not fun!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I love the hair! So shiny too! Hey, I get the HS thing about them being shocked all the time. I revel in it..!