Thursday, June 23, 2011

Threads Thursday - Oh Kohls....I Like You

I love clothes.  I tend to have a lot of them and get really excited about new ones. 

Unfortunately my love for clothing does not translate into an ability to actually afford them right now.  So, I usually avoid the cute boutique stores that I love, also all that is Anthropologie, or the amazing love I have for Nordstroms...and I often head toward the more affordable. 

Like places that usually have a coupon.  Ugh.

Lately I have not been disappointed.  Remember my new found love for the JCP?  Or Penny's as the older crowd might like to refer to it?  I talked about it in this post here.

Well, last week I rediscovered Kohls.  You might be familiar with your Mother or Grandmother's love of every Wednesday being Senior Day?  Or perhaps you might be thinking of the large formerly Britney Spears, now Vanessa Hudgens, Candies posters in the junior department?  There is also a good chance you get a lot of coupons in the mail from them.

Getting a coupon in the mail is equal parts exciting and depressing.  I'm excited because I might be able to get something for 20% off that I would really like, but depressing because I need to shop at places that regularly circulate coupons to move merchandise. 

With the boys in VBS last week, I decided Stella and I were going to take the first day and rediscover Kohls.  My Mom periodically picks up some fantastic things for me in the Vera Wang line there....I mean, Vera Wang is designing clothing there so it must be sort of cool.  She's very hip.

Full disclosure though, if you think Vera Wang is going to make you a wedding dress at Kohls, you will be very, very disappointed. You might find a nice dress for your shower though.

You know who else designs clothes for Kohls?  Daisey Fuentes. I do not remember why she is famous but I think she might have played professional volleyball?  Or been an MTV VJ?  Or in a Coca Cola commercial?  Any way she makes some cute clothes and clearly at one point in time she was a big deal.

She's definitely not a big deal now though since I have no idea who she is.

Also making clothes for Kohls?  Elle.  It seems absurd to me that a magazine could design clothes, but apparently it's happening there.'s just a line of clothing with that name and it has nothing to do with the magazine. 

I'm more comfortable with the idea that a publication is designing cute clothes for me to wear so I'm going with that.

All the previously mentioned "people" are reason enough to pop in to Kohls, but you know who the kicker is?  Good old Lauren Conrad.  You know, LC.

If you don't know who Lauren Conrad is, you are probably a better person than I am.  You probably could tell me all sorts of more important information that I sort of wish I knew, but I will tell you that you are missing out on a gem of a product from reality TV.

See, Lauren started on a little show called The Real OC, not to be confused with The OC....a highly intellectual TV drama about a rough kid from Chino that is adopted by his lawyer into a wealthy world of priveledge.  Damn that was a good show.

The reality show, though also quality TV, was pretty ridiculous.  Anyway, Lauren was on the show fighting for boyfriends and making poor choices and then got her own spin off show, The Hills where she fought for boyfriends and made poor choices.  She's a peach.

Oh, and she also wrote a book, LA Candy.  I think. 

Actually, that could be totally false and I just gave her a book title.

I must say though, little LC can design some clothes for Kohls. I love them.  I find that the majority of them fit my style perfectly.  I have no clue what my style is, but apparently it's Lauren Conrad for Kohls. 

Everything is trendy without being too much so.  Many things make me feel like I could go to the beach, (most likely inspired by all her time on the beach fighting for Jason,) but know they are only going to the grocery store and playdates and fit very comfortably into their less exciting life. 

Here is a dress I purchased from the Lauren Conrad line that I have been wearing quite often and feeling pretty excited about it.  Especially since it was about $25. 

  In real life it makes my boobs look bigger and I don't look like my legs are 5 inches long. Oh, and I still have a head!

One of the dangerous things about Kohls is that you find things like this on your way to checkout and they only cost $17 so you have to buy them immediately even though they are from the Juniors department and no one famous had any part in designing them.  Not even Vanessa Hudgens or Britney.

I am wearing the hell out of this though and I feel overjoyed about it.

So the moral of the story is, stores with coupons can be really fantastic if you're on a budget.  Secondary moral of the story is that if you are currently famous, watch out, you soon might be designing clothes for a store with coupons.  Third moral of the story, if you fight a lot over boys and make poor choices, you might make really good clothes someday so don't loose hope.

FYI:  Despite appearances to the contrary, this post was not sponsored by Kohls OR Lauren Conrad. 

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Pink Stitches said...

I heart Khols!! I go there for home decor and I loooove going during Christmas time!! I know its pretty lame of me to be correcting you on this point, but the show LC started off on was called Laguna Beach. How sad am I?? I lived for this show! I was always Team LC though. Kristen was way too stuck up for my taste lol

Momfever said...

I like your dresses, and I like dressed in general. They're so easy: you just throw them over your head, and voila, you're all dressed!

lcarp51 said...

So sad that I know this, but Daisy Fuentes was a supermodel-ish. Then I think she did host something on MTV. I don't know.