Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's About Time I Find 10 Things To Smile About

Part of trying to grow a blog involves a lot of discovering other blogs you want to read and connect to via comments, etc.  Mostly this is really enjoyable and inspiring.  It also can wound your self esteem and basically make you think you would NEVER be able to write as well as this or that person and it can leave you feeling inadequate and completely devoid of any talent.

But, mostly it's just super.

I've been in such a funk lately with feeling overwhelmed by all that I feel I have to do that I'm really starting to annoy myself.  It's really quite ridiculous.  Am I really exerting this much emotion about not being able to put away the laundry or finish the dishes or respond to emails? 

Perspective Leslie, perspective.

I'm not good at admitting that lack of perfection is exactly what is needed sometimes. I want things in place, I want things accomplished....but sometimes you have kids that need to poop and apparently it's really important that everyone eat EVERY day, so some times stuff is going to be left undone, which is OK. 

(Still totally doesn't feel OK but one of those tips for happiness is to fake it until you feel it so I'm faking my satisfaction with being all over the place.  Totally cool with it.)

I know, I'm showing amazing growth in a few short days.  I'm remarkable.

The whole point of this is that when reading all these blogs, a lot of bloggers give inspiration to other bloggers for things to write about and Emmy Mom has again put out there her 10 Things to Smile About request. 

Honestly, it could not have come at a better time.  I am desperately in need of forcing myself to find some things to smile about amongst the chaos here.

Here's what came to my mind:

My Kissing Santa and Mrs. Claus

I love these guys.  I use them year round because there is nothing more fantastic than kissing fictional characters on your table for seasoning dinner. I used them at Easter because they make me so happy.  They were my Grandmother's and it thrills me that she had such fun taste. 

The Person or Persons Whom Created The Term Organic

I love this.  Regardless of how crappy I feel like I have been acting to my children, no matter where I am falling short in my parenting, I always have the power of knowing that I'm spending twice as much on most products to give my kids the best. 

Even if we find out in twenty years that it really doesn't matter, which I honestly don't think is going to happen, but if it did, I still had that term to give me something to excel at while I was raising children. 


This company will not give up on me.  Regardless of how long ago it was that I was willing and able to overspend on bed linens and dining room tables, they still are committed to sending me 5 or 6 catalogues bi-monthly filled with things that there is no way I could possibly afford.  I've asked them to stop, even informing them that their marketing efforts are going straight in to my recycle bin, but they keep them coming. 

I can only assume that they so believe in me as a consumer that they are not willing to give up.  Each time I get one of these catalogues now I just smile and know someone out there believes in me.

Counting Crows

I first heard them back in 1994 while cruising in my Honda Prelude and honestly the music from their August and Everything After album is still my favorite to sing along to when I need a lift. Well, that and Pitbull, or JLo. 

I have a pretty amazing voice so I try to keep it on the down low.  I only belt it out when I am alone, or with my children whom are threatened to have food withheld if they make disparaging remarks about my vocals.

This Picture

I should be awarded something for posting this photo.  I mean, I look ridiculous, but it's hilarious.  What was I doing?  Can not believe I'm sharing this voluntarily...perhaps I'm chemically unbalanced?

An Impending Haircut Appointment

It's been about six or seven months since I have had my hair cut.  I keep it long so that I can go that long between haircuts, but it's time.  I made an appointment for this Thursday with a new stylist that is actually a friend of a friend.  I am elated about going for a few reasons. 

First, it just feels good to get my haircut. Second, I haven't had anyone color my hair in years and I have all sorts of visions of getting extravagant highlights and low lights and tints and things I don't even know about, could I be blond?  Finally, I really want this woman to be my friend.  She's arty and talented.  She hosts a craft night at her house that I got to go to one time and it was magical.  I need more of that around me and I think she should like me. 

Squeezable Baby Food

This is convenience like I have never experienced.  Stella eats table food 95% of the time now, but when we are on the go or she hasn't been wanting to eat her vegetables, I give her one of these and she squeezes a serving of green bean, pear, pea right into her mouth and begs for more. 

I have a secret theory that they are probably really filled with high fructose corn syrup, or maybe just Fun Dip mixed with water, because why else would she want them all the time?  Either way you don't have to refrigerate them and the package says organic and vegetables so I am not inconveinenced at all and I feel awesome about myself.  Isn't that what's really important here anyway?

The Disgusting Heat

I really despise how hot it has been here lately.  It is uncomfortable and paralyzing in that it's tough to do much other than sit around and perspire.  The really amazing thing about it though is that in a little over a week I'll be in Indiana, and this horrible ball of fire where I live is going to make the weather there feel all that much more amazing. 

I've heard of friends in Indiana wearing jeans over the last few weeks.  No one here would ever attempt to put them on for fear of our legs igniting in fire, or the inevitable problem of some sort of female infection. 

Can I also be smiling about air conditioning?  Where would I be without it?


I feel like this is almost too obvious to put on the list, but geez I love that place.  After swim lessons yesterday I went through the drive through for an iced grande chai, no chance of a hot drink these days, and drinking it absolutely made my day.  It's a $4 cup of peace and excitement in the midst of a lot of chaos and frustration.  Why don't they want to pay me to talk about them all the time?

The Library

I try to take my kids to the library every few weeks, but that's a lot of work these days so it hasn't always been happening.  I was able to sneak away with Cole on Sunday afternoon though and came home with two huge bags of kid books and three movies which have given me many moments of peace.  In particular, the library had several Star Wars books that I now use as leverage to get my children to behave. 

I find myself saying things like, "Do you want me to be able to read the Darth Vader book tomorrow?"  Then magic cooperation follows.  There is power at the library....and the best part was that it was free.  Well, at least until one of my children drops a book in the toilet or rips the cover off....it's inevitable.


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

I am wearing pants RIGHT NOW!!! Oh my gosh, you're going to non-flamable legs land in such a short time. I'm so excited for you :DDDD

And good lord, woman. I love that prego pic of you so much. I looked like a beach whale from week 16 on. I'm going to pretend that that's a picture of me :)

Emmy said...

Yea!!! Thanks for linking up. I love love your list! I lived in AZ for a couple of years and I do not miss the heat. Love the picture of you! Seriously awesome. I have a few little ceramics that were my grandma's too and love them just because they were hers.

mama_pez said...

You know you are one of my 10 things, right? <3

CK said...

Just recently discovered your blog...love it. It makes me laugh! Thanks for being a bright spot in my day!

whosyourmommie said...

Just a little FYI...your one of those blogs (people) that I aspire to. I love your writing and reading it inspires me while putting me to shame at the same time. So thanks, I think! I will now try to come up with 10 things that make me smile, laugh, whatever. Your blog might be one of them...10 is a lot!

The Mommy Therapy said...

Such great comments today. After a run and a read through of these, I'm officially out of my funk.

Thanks everyone!

Shell said...

That pic is hilarious! I think it needs to be your new profile pic. :)

Cheryl said...

Love Counting Crows and especially their August album. Love it.
Awesome picture. Kind of crazy, but awesome nonetheless.
I heart iced grande chai. It has to be "one of those" days for me to spend that kind of money, but man, are they good, especially in this heat!
Fun post. Hope it made you feel better.

Big D and Me said...

Wait until they drop the movie into the book deposit. I got a lecture last time I was at the library about putting the movies in the AV section and the books in the books. I mean like a 5 minute lecture. I almost leaped over the desk and hurt the lady.

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Well, you made me smile today. I love that pic of you! And I think I'll head to the library today...it's rainy here (ugh! again!) and while my boys are watcing tv right now, allowing me to type this, I know in about 2 mins they will be going over the edge with boredom and the screaming will begin!

meandmom said...

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