Monday, June 27, 2011

I Really Only Want To Watch The Bachelorette

It's Monday.  Do you realize what that means? 

It means that tonight we get to watch The Bachelorette further her spiral into having zero men left to love her during her season finale.  She is really jacking things up, right?

Who would like to go punch Bentley in the face with me? 

I would also like to take Ashley out for coffee and explain to her that her decision making skills are so off that this is probably how she landed on a show like this (twice) in an effort to find a husband in the first place.  She needs a life coach and a therapist, not a man. 

I can barely contain myself though, I can't wait to see how it all unravels.  There were lots of tears in the previews, which surely means this is going to be an enjoyable episode.  I'll have my wine and ice cream ready and it's basically what's pulling me through today. 

I've been in a funk the last few days and even writing is a challenge.  Words are definitely not flowing. 

In real life I have been thinking a lot about how I need things to change around here.  I have decided I want to run a tight ship.  I want to be organized and on top of things.  I want to be a meaner Mom. 

Well, maybe not meaner, just more firm about holding them to the line, regardless of how lazy I am feeling in the moment, or what else is going on in our lives.

Last week we spent a good amount of time with my sister-in-law and she runs a tight ship. She's all sorts of organized and entrenched in routine.  She's decisive and clear so no one has to wonder about what is expected of them.  She's not mean, she doesn't have to be, she just leads and leads without question.

I can be swayed.  I am horrible at thinking of punishments in the moment. I can be lenient when I don't feel like doing much myself.  I think I'm just taking a break, but I really think I'm making it more difficult for all of them when my expectations are really much higher than their natural inclination to do nothing.

As I mentioned yesterday, since we have been home we've been cleaning and powering through tasks.  It has been so therapeutic for me.  I also am stealing Sara's methods of routine, punishment and the expectation of their assistance with regular life chores.  I love it.

Basically, I think things would be better if my children went to live with Sara for a few months and then I could get them back "trained."  This could work like doggy training camp, but for kids, and with less treats.

You know what it really is though?  It's training me.  It's me getting my butt in gear and remembering that I expect them to make their bed after they brush their teeth in the morning....which I often forget to tell them to do also.  Turns out I'm sort of a gross Mom too.

It felt good to put their folded clothes on the dining room table this morning and tell them to come pick up their stuff and put it in their drawers....and they did it!  It was nice to see them working together to make their beds and have Aiden help Cole with his toothpaste. 

They still have not earned that elusive slip n' slide, but someday I'm sure they will stop whispering words of hate to each other and they will slip and slide all over the place.  Granted they might be 25, but it could still be a good time.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you hate Bentley. And please share Sara's tips for leading without being mean.

Kelley said...

OH! All of this sounds so familiar! For one thing, I'm typing this while watching a DVR'd Bachelorette. I have to take lots of breaks. Second, I need to be a meaner mom. The thing with me is is that I can be SO MEAN and then so nice. Not consistent, you know? Sigh... Your post had me smiling!

On another note, thanks so much for your encouraging comment on my BFF post at Things I Can't Say regarding my son's speech and that mean turtle. It meant a lot! :)

Following you now.

mama_pez said...

I'm so over Bentley...thank goodness Ashley got her closure there. I wish she would stop mentioning him.
I think her decision this time was a good one. I think the guys' reactions were important for her to see. And it was important that she practices what she preaches.
Finally, yay JP!!!
ps- Is Anonymous really Bentley?
pps- Running a tight ship is tough in the beginning, but if you are consistent and stick with it, parenting becomes sooo much easier (still tough, but you don't fight as many battles - you will be amazed when you can just give your kids a look and they do what they are supposed to...the ego trip is a total bonus)