Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's Up With The Mums?

Today was Aiden and Cole's Mother's Day Tea at their preschool so I thought I would quickly share a few photos of our fun. 

Disclaimer:  I did not haul around my nice camera so these are taken with my iPhone and are pretty poor quality.  The fun is all the same though, right?

These are the heart-melting moments folks, set my heart on fire.  

It was too cute.  Too cute.

Aiden's class made huge mums for all their mother's. I'm wearing mine in the photo above. Can someone please explain why making mums this large are popular in Texas?  These are obnoxious.

Aiden was so adorable when  I arrived.  He held his mum up high in front of him for me to put on my shirt.  He beamed with pride as I put on his handiwork and I felt so excited at the joy he could feel over making something like this for me to wear.

Cole was also excited.  Thankfully, I didn't have to wear two of those mums though.  Cole made an adorable hand print for my wall and flower stick with my name.  It was equally sweet, but much less intrusive on my outfit selection.

Cole was primarily concerned with how he could obtain more blueberry mini muffins.  He was very focused on this, as well as his deep devotion to me as being the most wonderful mother on Earth.  His attention was sort of split 50-50.

A wonderful tea and another affirmation that the preschool that the boys attend is amazing. 

Loved it.


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

The mum is quite refined, truly!

They are so, so very cute, those boys are.

Have a happy mother's day weekend :D

pezzoni1 said...

Aw! Happy Mother's Day! :)

laughwithusblog said...

Sounds like fun! I grew up in Texas and always wanted a mum! It was not something my parents spent money on. I love your huge mum! :)