Monday, May 30, 2011

Ten Things To Smile About Post

Not too long ago I was feeling envious of several of my friends.  It felt that I was the only person not going on a vacation or taking elaborate weekend getaways with their spouse.  Every Facebook status update or tweet that I read made me feel like I was missing out.

I know, it was pathetic.  I wrote a post about it here.

So, when I was doing my daily blog reading and read that Emmy was doing a Ten Things to Smile About blog link party, I felt like it was another opportunity for me to think of things to be happy about, even if I'm not on a luxury cruise with my man and no kids. 

Wait, I need a minute to think about how nice that would be.

OK, just like last time, I'm not going to include anything in the list like my three healthy children.  I feel like that's too obvious.  (Please read that carefully since last time I got a VERY angry comment.  You can read that on the post link above.  I love it when people decide to project their anger about their situation on to me.  It feel so good!)

My kids make me smile (and cry) all the time.  I'm grateful for all the wonderful people in my life, but this list is going to be more fun than that...and a lot more frivolous.

1. The Bachelorette.  It's just solid entertainment.  I love the drama that always accompanies these people's journey to find "true love."  I love all the fabulous one-liners that come out during each episode.  On this season  I love the mask guy in particular.  It's just good TV to see a man in an Batman type mask and a ski cap looking for love.

2. Stella's birthday gift, which we gave her today despite the fact that her birthday is Thursday.

I don't add this because it brings her so much joy, which is fun, but rather because it brings me joy. It brings me joy to know that there is a good chance that for at least the next few days she will be 100% entertained by that toy and it's going to buy me some time.  It's going to give me the ability to do all sorts of crazy things like cook dinner with both hands, make a phone call without fighting Stella for the phone and life changing things like update my Facebook status whenever I like.

3. My InStyle magazine.   I love this magazine for many reasons but I must say there are two things that bring me the most joy every time I read it. 

a) The section where they put together an amazing outfit for different events like, "backyard barbecue" or "day trip to the beach," which far surpass anything I would throw on for an afternoon in my friend's yard eating meat or to drive to a huge pile of sand next to water. I love it. 

b) The section where they put together a phenomenal look, all with pieces under $50!  This is so amusing to me because I am not impressed that they were able to find a pair of shorts or a pair of earrings for under this amount.  Give me the whole thing under $50 and then I'll swoon.

4. My mini-van.  I know, it sounds like I should be angry that I have to drive this. I should feel like less of a woman for having to trade in my mini-suv for a Mommy Mobile, but it's pretty phenomenal.  Do you know how far away my boys are from me?  I can't even hand something to them.  I can barely hear their conversations when they are talking in a normal voice.  It's fantastic.

5. Superglue.  This has transformed our weekend.  On Saturday, the boys each bought some small Star Wars figures which have tiny light sabers for these mini pieces of plastic to fight one another with for hours.  These figures and their weapons are fantastic until the sword falls out of one their "hands" and I have to deal with putting it back it 527 times in the span of an hour.  Oh the joy though of superglue, which enabled me to permanently affix light sabers and mini helmets on top of these things which I already hate, and fear I have several more years with since the boys are obsessed.  Thank you Superglue!

6. My Big-Ass Necklace.  I know this has a more proper name, sorry Jessica.  You can find it here.  I love this though. 

I should be happy because it was made by women trying to work their way out of poverty.  I should love it because a portion of the money I gave to buy it went to help fund the adoption of a child that will soon find their way to loving parents.  But...I think it's super fun and looks good with much more than I ever thought it would and I feel like I'm the coolest woman when I wear it.  I feel like there is no way people would believe I drive a minivan and have three kids. 

(I haven't felt like that since winning the position of junior class president at Carmel High School.  I had some power in those days people.  I helped plan PROM.)

I was scared to buy it at first because I am not a very big person and I tend to be frightened of large pieces of jewelry because they can swallow me.  I always feel like I look like I'm trying to hard to mimic my InStyle Magazine or cooler friends, but it's great.  It's just great.

7. HGTV.  It's just so fantastic.  Since the cancellation of our DVR service, I despise flipping channels when I sit down and feel like watching TV.  If I actually have the rare opportunity to sit and watch TV without the programming being geared to those under the age of six, I don't want to waste time looking for something that I'm OK watching.  I am never disappointed by HGTV.  I can either drool over the beautiful things done or laugh at how ridiculous people's choices are for decor, it's just good clean fun.  And House Hunters International makes me feel cultured without leaving the couch.  Win!

8. Alex and I Pre-Kids.  This photo was taken in Greece before we had kids.  I love how young and carefree we look...probably because we were.  We took it ourselves on the side of a road while we were driving around Santorini...on a moped.  Seriously, I couldn't even fit my diaper bag on a moped these days. I don't long to be without my kids (well, not without them forever, but another trip to Greece without them would not elicit a complaint from me,) but oh boy those days were is made clear by Alex's facial hair.  Love that.

9. Trips to Indiana.  I LOVE going home and there is no where that I feel more relaxed and more content than at my parent's house in Indiana.  All sorts of wonderful goes on there.  I see my family. I see my friends that have been with me since I was five, or before.  I rarely am in charge of cooking.  I get to see my children play in my parent's fabulous yard and do things like build a damn in the creek behind the house with my Dad or read ten million books with my Mom...while I swing on the patio swing with a glass of wine.  Oh the bliss.  I can not wait for the trip this year. 

The 2 days in that awesome minivan....not so much. 

10. Making $25 Off Craigslist.  I have a serious love-hate relationship with Craigslist lately. I've had some loony folks trying to buy my stuff recently.  It was definitely making me angry for a while.  I had had enough.

Full disclosure, I probably do not help the situation since I engage EVERYONE regardless of creepiness or lack of boundaries. This is a horrible trait for dealing with strangers that are purchasing your used goods for rock bottom prices. 

Today I sold some things that had been sitting in my closet for six months now and the woman could not have been more pleasant.  She came when she said she would, she didn't barter with me, she gave me cash, she tried to pay me more when I gave her stuff for free and she didn't once make me feel like maybe I should have let someone know I was meeting a stranger...just in case she decided to stab me or something.  It was painless and pretty fun to get some cash for junk in my closet.  I should head to the back of that place more often.

That's the list folks.  SMILE!

Hope you have a happy, and short, week!


Pink Stitches said...

Omg Leslie,i just read the post you linked to here along with all the comments. These "anonymous" readers seem to be drawn to your blog! I have to be honest, their comments piss the shit out of me! How can you handle them with such calmness and dignity. You're a strong woman. I would cry. But I cry for everything.

I am pretty sure HGTV would be on my list too. I'm also grabbing teen fiction from your last post. Team Edward!!

Mommy Inconsistent said...

Great post. Love the Big-Ass Necklace and probably about 90% of the toys I've bought for my boys have been for the exact same reason you bought Stella hers!
- Jill

Emmy said...

Thank you for linking up! And I LOVE your list! Perfect. I also said I was never going to have a mini-van-but I really do love it now.
And yes I could watch HGTV all day, but then it wants to make me tear down a wall or something.

And sorry for the mean comments :( I do not get some people.

Heather said...

Great list. I am totally with you on the IN STyle Magazine. 50 dollars for shorts? NOt at this house!!

I do hope you gut some hubby time soon. Something we could all use! (Cept with our own hubby, not yours...that would be creepy. )

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Great list. If it makes you feel better, we haven't taken a real vacation in three years! My husband is an independent contractor and has a hard time getting away.

I am in desperate need of selling some of my stuff too. Craig's List here I come!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Oh, I love that feeling of the kids running off being supervised (or unsupervised) by someone else and being able to drink outside in the middle of the afternoon. Seriously. "Drinking during the day" are my mostest favoritest four words in the world when they're smashed all together like that...

Cam - Bibs and Baubles said...

thanks for this list. i needed it. seems everyone i know is going to hawaii or aruba... not i. can't complain too much since i live minutes from the beach! :) i'll be making a list of my own.

Shell said...

People from Craigslist can be totally insane, can't they?

YES!!! I want an outfit for under $50. Not an outfit that has 6 or 7 pieces and all of them each $49.99.

Shannon Marie said...

I too am obsessed with superglue. I even use it to glue my large cuts on my hands together when really they probably should have had stitches.

On my Top 10 list I'd also have "lists" listed. Yeah, I'm crazy like that.

Mrs. No-No said...

Hey Leslie, Thanks for stopping by Mrs. No-No Knows! I am now following you back!
..and I like your big-ass necklace and usually hate craig's list, too! <~ it sucks that some people can make you never want to sell anything on it again because it's such a good idea...i'm glad your last experience was a good one!
Thanks for commenting on my post with menus. I featured your comment here
Come by and hang out any time!!

Reis said...

thank you