Monday, May 9, 2011

Pants on Fire and Other Stuff Keeping Me Busy

I feel like I haven't written in a while.  OK, it's only been since last Thursday, but it feels like a long time since so much has been going on with me.  I'm so used to spilling my guts in this space about all things in my head and on my heart, so when I miss a chunk it feels sort of odd.

We went to Galveston for a wedding on Alex's side of the family at the end of last week and just got back from the beach last night.  It was a great time away, but like any travel with kids I have a LOT to say about it.  A LOT.

There was cuteness abounding.

And Alex was the best man in a beautiful wedding where I danced the night away at the reception with his amazing, loving family. 

There is a lot to talk about, but unfortunately I have things like this happening.
This is what I have washed so far.  And....

This is what I still have waiting for me...along with a load in the washer and dryer.   All are filled with sand and mostly still damp from ocean water mixed with extreme humidity and perspiration.

It's delightful.

I plan on writing tomorrow about the whole weekend, and about some of the amazing women that made it so much better, Jean and Tawnya, but for tonight I figured I could just update you on something I promised a while back.

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned a playroom makeover that had to be postponed?  Then, last weekend I teased you again and said that I would post photos of the finished job in a few days? Well, I apparently just want your desire to see my made over playroom to linger for a while, because I'm pretty sure that's what bringing tens of you here each day to hang on my every word.

Then, I decided I could be losing credibility since I keep teasing you with the idea that the photos are coming and I know there are few photos in more demand than my playroom pictures, possible the Osama Bin Laden pictures, but it's sort of a close call for popularity.  Besides, my Mother always told me it was really mean to tease and I ALWAYS listen to my Mother...and she has a lot of things to tell me to do, or not to do.

So, since I've sold some more of my junk on Craiglist now I was able to push through and finish this very fancy playroom.  Basically everything came from Ikea.

Here are the photos of the transformation.  Remember before?

Then during?

And now?

Here are some other angles.

And I spent a lot of time looking for cute hooks, but didn't remember that they would usually be covered up with dress up items.  Oh well, here's a photo to prove they are cute.
And here's another angle. 

The kids love it and can't stop gushing about their appreciation for all my hard work. 

OK, they really liked it for a few days and now they couldn't care less about all the changes.  I still love it though.  I'm going to work on the details, but overall I love walking by and seeing how the room has transformed. 


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

The playroom looks incredible and your weekend sounds wonderful. How I long to dance a night away! Someday.... :)

pezzoni1 said...

Looks great!!

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Please will you come make-over my studio/tool room that hubster and I share ?~! I have NO interior design synapses at all firing in my head and obviously You Do. Love the wall color you chose--what’s it called? Peter’s Wife’s Nightmare...

Shannon Marie said...

The playroom looks great! I love the curtains and hooks. Well done!

Stacy said...

Looks so good! Great job!

Cheryl said...

It looks awesome!! Well done! And let's face it, redecorating and organizing is not about the kids, it's about us. ;)

Tales from the Crib said...

LOVE that color - what a joyful room! Thanks for stopping by crib tales!