Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Of Course I Didn't Cry At That!

Aiden graduated from preschool this morning.  It was major. 

But, apparently not major enough for me to cry.  I told you this would happen. My emotions are all out of whack.  They are completely devoid of priorities....and yes I do perceive myself to be separate from my emotions in this situation.

I'm crying over reality shows about wealthy celebrities' weight issues, but a celebration of the last days of my oldest baby's preschool, not a drop.  The end of having all my children at home with me, at my feet while I bake and sing songs and knit things, and I can't shed one measly tear. 

(I don't knit or really sing songs, but I could bake.  I probably shouldn't do it with anyone at my feet though, it sounds dangerous.)

In my emotions' defense, this was really more of a happy occasion than a weepy one.  Cuteness did abound with small children singing in groups and walking self consciously across a stage, but it wasn't an emotionally charged ceremony.  I blame the chaotic nature of grouping 100 parents in a church sanctuary all fighting for space to film their child's apathetic expression as he or she sings a song about God making elephants or something like that. (I was focused on my video camera, I couldn't be bothered with listening to the words of the song.)

Here's a picture of the graduate.

Seriously, how is he going to kindergarten?  He's too cute.  He'll be eaten alive.

Here's a picture of the sibling support.  Cole actually didn't want to attend until he realized that there were cookies after all the name calling and singing, then he waited it out.

Stella only cared for the parts of the ceremony where she actually had an audience as well. 

We did manage to get a family photo. 

The family photo sort of makes me well up, we look so functional and together.  No one would know that I've been crying for days over ridiculous things like commercials for Oprah and have yet to get weepy over sending my child to elementary school.  Oh well.

Side note:  My Father called me tonight to ask what he and my Mother were supposed to buy Aiden for a happy graduation gift.  This is insane, but really nice.  I quickly explained that nothing was necessary, but that Aiden has been looking at some adorable purses at Nordstrom if he wanted to spring for one of those.  I've apparently played this game too long with my Father, he's not biting.  Dammit!

What's important after all this is that I bought a new nightgown at Target today from their Calypso line and I love it.  I do want to cry that I spent $25 on a nightgown, from Target, but it's adorable and cozy so I feel like it was the best decision. 

Also, I'm back to wanting to cry so apparently Target has restored my emotional insanity.

What?  You didn't think that was the takeaway of this post?

People, the fact that joy can ALWAYS be purchased at Target, no matter what you are crying over is almost always the takeaway. 
Happy Graduation Aiden! 

I promise to cry on your first day of kindergarten.


mama_pez said...

I blame my crying at commercials on my dad - who also cries at silly things.
My youngest will be going to Kindergarten in the fall, and I know I'll cry. I cried when my oldest started 2nd grade this year after homeschooling for K and 1st. That was quite the adjustment.
Your family picture is a gorgeous one! Definitely needs to be framed and stuff. :)

manda said...

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Lesliewalkey said...

You make me laugh...Jacob graduates tomorrow, and I have been overly emotional about just everything that has to do with him lately---which means I probably won't cry either! Thanks for the forewarning on how I'll handle it :)

Dan said...

I wish I could be there to see him walk the stage. You all look awesome and isn't our little Aden all grown up!

Dan said...

Of course that was from Rennie and not Dan.

Shell said...

I didn't cry with my first, either. I did tear up a tiny bit when they decided to play "Let Them Be Little" during their slideshow. That's just cruel.

I think still having kids at home makes it seem less sad. B/c there are still others at home all day to drive me insane.

Emmy said...

I hate crying at these like these because I look awful when I cry. And when I read what your son wanted I thought, wait isn't he a boy! Lol! Took me a second- I think I need a nap.