Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Lasagna That Makes My Heart Sing....It Sings Lots of Neil Diamond

My glorious neighbor Sue called me a few days ago and said, "I'm making lasagna for Amy."  (Our other neighbor) "Would you like me to make you some?"

First of all, why are you asking me crazy questions Sue? 

She should know to not even ask me if she is in the mood to prepare my dinner for me.  She should proceed with confidence that I will most definitely never refuse a delicious, already prepared, dinner. 

I would probably even take a marginally delicious, already prepared, dinner. 

Fine, I would take any already prepared dinner regardless of taste in order for me to get out of having to be the one actually preparing food for my family for a night. 

She was making Amy the lasagna because Amy's had a busy week.  I live in a neighborhood where that happens.  You have a busy week with a lot to take on, and someone is making you dinner or taking your kids or buying you groceries. 

I live near good people.  Not just nice people, but really good people.

Yes, there are a few houses for sale around here.  Please come be my neighbor...provided you are willing to make me dinner at least once a month.  I think it's part of the HOA rules or something.  Right after not being allowed to park a boat in your driveway.

I don't live close to my family. The closest is my sister in law and she's even 45 minutes away with three kids of her own. My parents are in Indiana. My brother's in D.C. and Alex's family is in Houston....or Greece. 

Believe it or not, Alex's family in Greece has yet to help me with child care or dinner.  Greek people are apparently REALLY selfish.

We don't get a lot of day to day support from family, but I think that's how it is for a lot of people these days. Some are the fortunate few that can call their parents over to watch the kids while they rush to the doctor or go out for a desperately needed date night, or even just share in the joy of daily life. That sounds like heaven.

I moved in to my current house about a year and a half ago. Not a short time, but not a crazy long time either. I make friends (force people to be friends with me) relatively easily. I'm not shy. I'm not overly judgemental, usually. I appreciate a lot of different types of people. All these things are wonderful adapting skills for being in a new location, but however you slice it, things are lonely when you are the new person on the block.

If I haven't complained about it enough for you all to know by now, Alex works a lot. He leaves early, comes home after bedtime 90% of the time and I'm normally solo for anything that pops up during the day unless I'm on my deathbed...and even then it usually takes him about an hour to get home.

I can't tell you how fun it is to take your 2 and 4 year old to all your OB appointments, including the emergency ones that involve an exam. Aiden honestly sat in a chair, eating chocolate covered raisins and asked my OB a thousand questions during that one. He completely ignored my pleas to return to the chair closer to my head and kept asking, "what are you putting in her?"

I'm sure his therapy will cost a pretty penny one day.

Alex is not my go-to person day to day and that's just the nature of life. He's a worker. He's dedicated. He's just him, and I don't ordinarily begrudge him that. I try to admire the fact that my husband works hard, because I know he mostly does it for us. It doesn't take the sting out of nightly bedtime and dinner for three alone, or the frustration of having to haul two well kids to every one sick kid doctor visit, but I get it.  I really do.

At my last house I had developed a friendship with the neighbors around me and I felt supported. I knew that they could help me in a pinch. I could ask if they were going to be at the grocery, or near a pharmacy and I didn't have to feel guilty or awkward at all. They cared about us, I cared about them and we supported one another. I lost that when I first moved here and it scared me a bit.

I am definitely scared no more.  This week was a perfect example of how amazing the people around me are.  I am blessed beyond words by these people's involvement in my life.  I am supported.  I am cared for, and so are my children.  I am fed...amen.

What is also fabulous is that not only did Sue make me lasagna, but how the entire distribution played out.  See, Sue dropped off a HUGE lasagna for me.  She also gave me Amy's since Amy wasn't home and Sue had stuff to do (I couldn't believe she wasn't going to stay and serve my family, but...I guess she cared about something else more.)

Amy's kitchen was being renovated so she called me on her way home and I offered to bake the lasagna since her kitchen was less than desirable to even walk in at that time.  Then I called my neighbor Jenn and asked her if she wanted half of my lasagna since we had more than enough.  An hour later Amy walked down the street with hot pads to pick up her bubbly lasagna and Jenn's husband pulled in to the driveway to pick up his family's share of the yumminess. 

I loved this entire situation. I love my neighbors.  I love Sue's lasagna.

Who's making me dinner next?


mama_pez said...

Yay for lasagna! They don't call it comfort food for nothing. :)

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

You have found Neighborhood Nirvana, Lucky Britches. How fabulous is that scenario you described with the lasagna !~!

Neighbors Helping Neighbors--my next non-profit organization, here in my small development near the Golden Gate Bridge. Anyone know how to do this and willing to offer advice for dinner ?~?

Andrea said...

Can I be your neighbor? Adrien and I need neighbors like that.

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- Jessica @

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