Monday, April 25, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Grandma And Tractor's Visit ROCKS

Last Thursday my parents drove 1,100 miles to visit me. 

OK, they drove 1100 to visit my children, but that's probably even better than coming to see me. 
Here's my top 10 reasons why I love having them here.
  1. The car load of random, but fantastic stuff that they load in to their car to bring to me.  This time consisted of lots of clothes for the kids, a bunch of dolls, Easter toys, and my childhood Garbage Pail Kid Collection.  I'm sure I'll be rich once I throw those on Ebay.
  2. Grandma's willingness to always nap with the boys, watch boring kid movies with them, or teach them something in a fun way that I never have the time or patience to sit and do with them.  It's really heart melting stuff.  It also keeps them away from me which REALLY melts my heart.
  3. Hearing Aiden try to casually suggest that Tractor should pick him up from school. (Tractor usually takes the boys out for ice cream if he picks them's too cute to hear how nonchalant Aiden tries to be when mentioning that he wouldn't mind if Tractor wanted to pick them up.)
  4. Pedicures and shopping with Grandma while the boys are at school and Tractor babysits for Stella, and calls every thirty minutes to remind us he isn't changing her diaper if she poops.
  5. Having Grandma never tire of reading stories and playing board games or card games with the boys, giggling with Stella, or suggesting a different way for me to do....well, anything I'm doing.
  6. The smell of smoke that permeates from the guest room, frequent smoke breaks that lure my children outdoors, and Aiden and Cole's fascination with putting anything stick like in their mouth to pretend they are smoking like Tractor.  (He also spent about an hour trying to teach Aiden all the presidents on all the different dollar bills.  Do you know who's on the $500 bill?  Tractor does, so he's not just teaching them about the joy of smoking.) 
  7. Periodically checking to see if Alex is still involved in an hour and a half lecture discussion with Tractor on the organization of military rank in our armed forces, different weapons used in different wars and pretty much a run down of everything that happened in the Civil War.  Everything.
  8. Having adults around to have a celebratory glass of wine with after all three children are successfully put to bed.
  9. Watching my father take Stella for a tractor ride down the street and around the block, holding an umbrella over her so that the sun won't get on her.
  10. Being able to go to the bathroom whenever I want to go.  Alone.  Seriously, it's life altering.


lcarp51 said...

I still have my Garbage Pail Kid collection, too! LOVE IT!! I have too many blender kids though.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Potty alone ?~?~? No way.... How slick is that grandparent visit when you can dookie in peace !~! Next you’ll want to take a magazine in there and make an afternoon of it.

Shannon Marie said...

I still can't pee alone, even though all my kids are in school. The DOG follows me in. I guess I should a.) Learn to close the door while I pee. b.) Perhaps go upstairs our our room to do my binnes because there is a baby gate across our doorway preventing the DOG from coming in our room and eating cat turds.

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

You put so much work into this whole post, yet I'm going to be the third person to marvel at the notion of solo bathroom breaks. It's the stuff of dreams, I tell you!

aggiemommy said...

Ok seriously, how awesome are Garbage Pail Kids???!!! Love them! Also, peeing alone?? Absolutely frothing with envy here!! Glad yall are having a great time. Do they want to detour to Dallas before they go back to Indiana? ;)