Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poison Pajamas: And Other Random Stuff in My Head

Am I the only person that believes in pajama mojo?  Because I do.  I really, really do.

We are on a sleeping streak with Stella.  I know it goes completely against the sleeping Gods to even mention this success, but she has been sleeping fantastic the last few days. 

(If that all goes to hell tonight, we'll know it's because of this blog post and I'll be forced to delete it from the blog permanentally in an effort to remedy my errors.) 


Do you know why she has been sleeping so well?  Because I threw out the jacked up poison pajamas she was sleeping in last week when she only let me sleep for two hours.  Seriously, I threw them out. They don't belong in this house anymore.  I can't handle the toxic no-sleep serum they pump into my baby.

Now, some of you may be confused. Am I talking about flame retardant pajamas? Synthetic materials?  No, I'm talking about the pajamas my kids sleep in on their worst nights of sleep.   I throw them out.  If I didn't think it would seem totally insane, I would burn them.

I know it might sound crazy, but seriously, there is something to this. 

(Also, this probably isn't the weirdest thing I do so it sounds pretty good to me.)

I am convinced that certain pajamas just do not lend themselves to a good night sleep for my kids, so I toss them.  Any pajamas that gave a questionable, but not horrible sleep performance are shoved to the back of the drawer until I feel like enough time has passed for the pajamas to be wearable again, and I give them another chance....because I'm such a good person.

Is this superstitious?  Maybe.

Is this practical?  Of course.  What is more important than sleep?

Is this wasting perfecting good pajamas?  No way.  They aren't any good if my kids don't sleep in them.

Am I the only person that does this?

I also hesitate to put on any pajamas that I have seen them crawl around in outside. I do actually wash them, but for some reason I can't get the image of them crawling around in the dirt out of my head when I dress them for bed.

Sidenote: Stella needs some new pajamas, and while at Sears on Sunday the woman working there in the children's clothing section told me they don't sell pajamas in a 12 month size.  Is that nuts?  Isn't that a sleeping market? 


For all of Stella's awsome sleep, Cole has been back to his crazy sleeping habits.  I fully blame Alex and his ancestory because he and several others in his family have sleeping issues.  My family, of course, just lays down and goes to sleep without stirring unless stirred....so much more refined.

So, Cole has been waking up screaming and sweating and just simply out of his mind.  I know, night terrrors.  When will this end?  I have tried to blame his pajamas, but it just isn't flying anymore since he can pick out his own and his entire world hinges on whether he will be Superman, Batman or Spiderman to sleep each night and I'm afraid he would actually cobust if I threw any of these in the trash.

So tonight he woke up a few hours after bedtime and came up behind me while I was inhaling a bowl of pasta and watching HGTV.  He scared me to death and then acted so cute I let him stay up and share my bowl of pasta.  I know, reinforcing the bad habit.  He is scary cute sometimes though.

As he was eating I asked him if he liked the noodles. 

"Yeah, I like them."

Then he stopped eating, dropped his noodle back in the bowl and looked me square in the eyes.

"You know what I don't like Mommy?  Tigers.  They just keep saying ROAR."

He's really insightful like that.  Insightful or partially nuts, perhaps this is the sleep problem?

I am officially obsessed with putting a cloffice in my master bedroom.  Unfortuantely it wouldn't be in a closet, but more of a nook so I guess it would be a nooffice, which doesn't sound very pleasant.

It also doesn't look very promising that I would actually ever complete this project since I am currently on day four of trying to paint the playroom.  It's not moving fast folks.  Not fast at all.

Here's a link to the blog post that started my obessession

Don't you want a cloffice too now?  It would make me feel better if I'm not the only one pining for this decorating task, but completely overwhelmed with starting it.

I have rediscovered a love for N.W.A. while running.  It is raw and dirty and has the best beats.  If you are looking for some running music, check it out.  You might not be classy, or allowed to around anyone under the age of 17, but you'll be running like the police are chasing you.  Good times!


-dweej said...

Yes, you are totally crazy. But I'm crazy too, and I personally consider it one of the more charming traits a human can have!

I am so cheap (SO CHEAP. Mr. Krabs was actually created after some exec at Nic met me) that I will force the children to wear the same pajamas until their heads will no loner physically fit through the neck holes. "Who cares if your bellies are exposed and the pants have turned to capris? All you're gonna do is sleep in them, gotdangit!"

Anonymous said...

I am so relieved to know I'm not the only person afraid of clothing mojo...thanks for being the brave one to talk about it! Not only kid's PJ's but also an outfit or two that they got sick in, etc! So the crazies unite!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Sitting in a doctor waiting room and laughing aloud!!!

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

OhMGEE! I just laughed out loud about the NWA. It's really sad that I actually used to listen to that back in the day. Wow.

I believe the pajama mojo. I really do. I mean because really, haven't we all had pjs that aren't that comfortable? And what is that lady talking about? There are plenty of pajamas in size 12 months. I've seen them everywhere.

Funny blog you have here! :)