Monday, April 4, 2011

My Daughter Is Too Pretty For Problems and Other Fun Ideas From Today

I think I've been all thrown off since there was a thunderstorm this morning and all I wanted to do was pretend that my kids weren't here and curl up on the couch and read a book or watch a good movie. 

(I also felt a surge of hope that I would FINALLY be able to wear the adorable rain boots I purchased just over a year ago after several days of needing them.  I have yet to wear them.  My purchases are powerful in changing the weather like that.)

My kids totally do not participate in the "let's pretend we aren't here so Mommy can relax" game so there was zero curling and reading or snuggling and watching.  They actually really suck at leaving me alone.  I'm going to keep working with them though, I'm just a really good mom like that.

We did swim lessons with much whining and begging to be bribed in order to participate.  Also in good mom form I did give in to bribing them and treated them both to a sprinkle donut after their lesson.  It just felt right.  I also wanted a donut so it felt like a reward to me for putting up with their whining.

Stella had a doctor's appointment where we were told that she has another ear infection.  Boo!  I know we are probably destined for tubes soon and I should go ahead and suck it up and schedule the ENT appointment, but I'm currently in denial. 

See, she only has a little infection so my doctor isn't even putting her on antibiotics this time, we're just going to see how it goes.  So, does it really even count in the tally of ear infections toward the path to tubes?  Remains to be seen.

A woman in the Cracker Barrel restroom this winter told Stella she was so pretty she really didn't need to worry about anything...and I've really held on to those words.  I feel they were really the message I want to send to my daughter so I keep reminding her that she's too pretty for antibiotics, or tubes for that matter.  I think it's really working. 

Too cute for ailments!

(Speaking of Cracker Barrel, am I the only one loving that place?  I really, really love that place.)

When we got home I had this letter from Lands End waiting for me.

I purchased a few things from their new Canvas line and though I LOVE the pretend handwritten note, I'd really love to receive my purchases first.  Perhaps I should be contacting Nick about the actual whereabouts of these guaranteed clothes? 

I had been feeling very special to Lands End, until I heard that Amity had received a pretend handwritten note today too...and she hadn't even ordered the pretend cardigan to which they were referring. 

I actually spent an ridiculous amount of time studying the font on this.  I know no one wrote this, but the printing is really impressive.  The i dotting doesn't even happen in the same location and the c's aren't exactly alike.  Magic. 

(I did successfully ignore my children to study this note for a good long while.  I have to have my priorities in check.  I also have to post pone making dinner for at least 30 minutes.)

And yes, I said Lands End.  I'm 34 and I'm convinced they are back on the cool scene and I am totally participating.  They're not just for canvas beach bags anymore people.

To top off the day I made bacon wrapped chicken.  It's basically bacon wrapped around one inch cubes of chicken, dipped in brown sugar and chili powder and then baked.  It was heaven.  I want to eat it every night.  I also followed it up with a huge bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, because that donut wasn't enough for me today. 

I think what we can all gather by taking a quick look back at this post is that I'm an elderly woman trapped in a sugar and fat infused 34 year old's body. 

Not wanting to walk outside in the rain without protective footwear? 
Buying donuts at noon? 
Cracker Barrel? 
Lands End? 
Things wrapped in bacon? 

I'm going to get a tattoo tomorrow or pierce something other than my ear.  I've got to redeem my credibility as a 30 something.  Suggestions?

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yippiemom said...

I really hope Nick from Land's End writes me back. I also spent way too much time examining this font. How do they make it looks so real? They sure are a clever bunch over at Land's End Canvas, makes me want to buy that cardigan!