Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Was Going to Win An Oscar, But The Baby Took That From Me Too

We had a great weekend.  I had the chance to exercise, we had friends over for dinner, we hung stuff, we even went to Ikea.  It was one of those weekends when not a whole lot happened and that was the most fantastic part about it.  It felt good.

I was all prepared to write a funny blog post about the weekend, especially how I have figured out that Ikea could potentially solve all of my problems with my children, there was some pretty profound soul searching to reach this conclusion, you would have been awestruck....and possibly moved to shop more at Ikea.  I was probably going to win an Oscar for this post. 

(Yes, I am aware that currently the Academy Awards doesn't have a category for insightful and witty blogging, but this post was going to change all of that.  Besides, if Anne Hathaway and James Franco can host the Oscars that poorly, they might as well start giving out Oscars to bloggers.)

What was I saying?  Yes, it was going to be good.  And yes, I realize I start a lot of posts about how good things were going to be but things change quickly around here so it happens often.  Also, things always seem so much better in my head than they actually are once I'm writing. 

So, we were all on track for the big night in LA next year, but then guess who has decided that she is too "sick" to sleep.

She's had a fever off and on all weekend and her snotty nose does sound pretty horrible, but doesn't she understand what's at stake here?  An Oscar!  Besides, she sure doesn't look sick.

You might think that she's just angry because her father dressed her in Cole's old pajamas, but Stella is totally cool with the polar bears and there is nothing her father could do that would tarnish her image of him.  (Expect possibly when he holds her really high over his head because this totally freaks her out.)

She went to sleep fine at 7, fever free, but then woke up around 9 to scream unless we brought her out to party with us.  (Seriously, we were having a party.  We were eating ice cream.  It was good.)  She is so rarely inconsolable so what were we supposed to do?  Deny her?

Are you kidding?  She is way too cute and Alex and I appreciate this baby phase so much more than we did with the boys since we know this is our last....and we have a firm grasp on the fact that soon she will whine to us about how she isn't getting a $.49 stuffed shark at Ikea because she NEVER GETS ANYTHING, and she will stop walking in the middle of an aisle of a crowded store, throw her cowboy hat, fall to the ground and say "I can't walk anymore!!!" 

Not that either of  our boys did that today.

We really like her as she is now.  She's cute and smiley (except when she's screaming of course.)  She really wants nothing more than to hang out with us, chew on stuff and drink a bottle.  She's pretty darn easy to please and I'm afraid it's going to be over before we know it. 

So, I guess I'll forgive her for ruining my chances right now.  I understand she's not feeling well and it did sort of melt my usually cold-hearted-after-bedtime heart when I got to rock her for a while as she rested her head on my shoulder and snuggled close. 

Besides, I was totally wanting to play with my booklight too.

Here's hoping that she spends the rest of the night like this though. 

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Anonymous said...

I totally feel your pain! I am the same way! I will have an idea for a post, three minutes in one of the kiddos wakes up = mommy time over!
We had a really rough weekend too...lets just say I'm sure my pediatrician wants us to switch doctors and leave her alone! :-)
Hope your daughter feels better soon!

Erin W said...

Girl... we were right there with you Saturday night. It was not fun, but those snuggles are worth it. It's that darn teething and a minor cold combo. Blah! I hate seeing my poor baby feel bad. OH... we were at Ikea Friday night too! :)

Kelly said...

I too usually have that "you've already gone to bed so whatever it is...too bad" kind of heart. Except for when my sweet baby boy cries out because he too NEVER does this unless he really needs something. Hope your little one feels better super fast!