Saturday, April 23, 2011

Greek Gone Wild

A few weeks ago my sister-in-law called and asked if we would like to get together for the Easter holiday sometime this weekend.  I said of course and then offered to have everyone at our house today because clearly I had been drinking or gotten too much sleep the night before, which always makes me loopy these days. 

Twenty people at my house?  What a good idea!  Wait...when did I say that?

I get a lot of anxiety about having lots of kids in my house and my husband's family means we get an automatic 10 kids in the house. That's about 6 kids over my 4 kid limit. 

(The kids can collectively have one friend over to share from now until they are all 15.) 

I used to have trouble sleeping before everyone would come over because I was so anxious about it.  Sort of ridiculous. 

OK, not sort-of, totally ridiculous. 

It's not like my nieces and nephews destroy my house, particularly since I'm cranky Aunt Leslie and usually yell at everyone to go play outside. I just feel unsettled knowing there will be extra running around, noise, curiosity, fighting, toy destruction, etc.  I like peace, or noisy, fun adults.

So, I decided I would keep it simple with the food, put together an easy Easter egg hunt, and have some Dollar Tree toy entertainment to keep everyone busy while the adults hung out inside.  Ahhh....I would be so breezy, no anxiety at all.

Unfortunately, I started thinking about food for 10 adults and how I've made Greek food for a lot of my friends in the past few months and how it would be sort of nice to do a big Greek dinner for my in-laws.
I would be the best Greek wife EVER! 

My vision of the big table filled with all our family, drinking red wine, pouring feta on things and maybe even my father -in-law shouting about....well, anything, filled my head and my heart so I decided to go for it.  Moussaka, stuffed grape leaves, feta, big salad, lemon roasted potatoes.

So instead of breezy, it turned into a big windstorm.  A big freakin windstorm.

Friday, I decided I should probably go to the grocery store and buy all the goods to make all this stuff because if you haven't made Greek're missing out on some time consuming stuff.  Seriously, it's a lot of standing by the stove and stirring for a stupid amount of time. 

But I decided to postpone really starting anything until around 4 pm, which turned out to be a poor decision.  At 6:00, things looked like this in the kitchen.

Messy...and I hadn't even come close to finishing one thing I  had to make.  I stayed up until midnight stuffing eggs and rolling grape leaves and organizing glasses.  Ugh.

I also hadn't figured out the table setting situation.  Despite an hour in the WalMart fabric section with Dimitri, seriously the best WalMart employee to have EVER lived, I didn't have an clue as to what to do with it.  Here's what the table looked like, basically until an hour before everyone arrived.

Basically it's a bunch of fabric and some trash on the end.  How festive!  Greek people love trash!

I could have just cooked a brisket.  I could have had a huge salad.  I could have made Alex do all the work and just grilled something.  But, I had to complicate things.  I went from breezy to full blown Greek Easter fast.  Why do I always get so out of control with entertaining?

Everyone arrived this morning at 10:30 though and...things were great.  My grape leaves were a little overdone but the joy of working really hard on a bunch of food for people you love was pretty wonderful.  I remember why I ALWAYS bring on the windstorm. 


And this....
And they didn't give me any anxiety at all.  In fact, they were all pretty damn fantastic. 


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Ten of the prettiest/handsomest/cutest woobers I have seen this Easter. Get them off my lawn, will ya !~!

pezzoni1 said...

I actually have tears in my eyes at the happy ending. :) Great job, mama!