Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Despite Appearances, This Post Is NOT Sponsored by JCPenney

I used to think of JCPenney, or "Penney's" as my Mom taught me to call it, as Sears minus the cool lawn care department and connection to Lands End.  Last year though, Alex's Aunt gave me a fifty dollar gift card to JCP and changed my life....or at least my perception of JCP.

(I call it JCP now...because I've progressed, and I listen to all that hip hop and rap while I run.  It also sounds more street to say JCP and I'm super street.  Super.)

So I've had this gift card for a year now, not because I haven't made it to JCP or because I haven't found anything I liked yet, but because I have been saving this gift card to spend on something really special. It also was my ticket back to JCP.  As long as I had the card, I had to keep going back to try to use it.

(I do not claim to ever make completely logical and sane decisions.  I like to think I'm more exciting because of it.  You go on and keep an differing opinions to yourself.) 

So, today was a big day.  I used the gift card!  We have a family wedding in a few weeks and I purchased a new pair of shoes at JCP today for $40. 

But, I didn't use the gift card for those.  I had to order my size to be delivered to my house and using a credit card was basically the only way to do that so I couldn't use the gift card for those.  I also don't have a photo of those for you right now because they are probably in a warehouse somewhere.

(Do you like how I'm using parentheses after each paragraph?  I think this will be my new style.  Anyway, JCP will order you your size and send it to you for free.  I think a lot of stores to this, but I was super happy to hear that JCP does.)

So, I found a pair of shoes that I totally do not need, which is sometimes the best kind of shoe purchase, right? 

I then spent the next hour worrying about finding the perfect classy black shorts to wear with this with a fun white beachy, but not too casual, top.  I love building an outfit around wanting to wear a pair of shoes.  It makes me feel all fast and loose...wait....what does that mean? 

I must tell you folks, I was totally overwhelmed by JCP's ability to outfit my feet.  The shoes I didn't need but felt compelled to purchase were EVERYWHERE. It was scary.  It was fun.  It was VERY fast and loose. 

(Someone please define that.  Is that sexual?  Like slutty?  Because that's totally what was happening today at JCP.)

Thankfully, Grandma was with me and she has a super soft spot for my desire to dress like I actually have something to do other than take kids to preschool and run to the grocery store, so she got me this pair of shoes that I also totally did not need.

It was a really good shoe day at the JCP.  Thank you Mom!

Other fun points of the shopping at JCP experience? 
  • I used a $10 coupon mailed to me to be used on any purchase of $10 or more.  Awesome.
  • A Sephora inside the store.  Inside the JCP!
  • A friendly woman that wanted to talk to me about her not so fantastic "boyfriend."  I must wear some sort of sign that let's people know I really want to know all about their personal life.
  • MNG by Mango...I have no idea what this brand is, but they wanted $59.90 for this shirt at JCP and I sat and thought about it for about twenty minutes because it was that fantastic in person! It was on sale for $47.92  If I used the coupon it would be $37.92.  I am good at math! I still have visions of me wearing it basically everywhere and it was so soft I wanted to sleep and go clubbing in it.  LOVE IT!
  • Over hearing old ladies in the dressing room foyer referring to JCP as Penney's. 
So basically, if you haven't been to the JCP lately, I suggest you run on over.  Or drive, or walk, or whatever you do to get to the shopping places.  You could even bring your Mom or Grandma because they are totally catering to their market still too.  Something for EVERYONE!

Also, you should ignore all the cheesy floral dresses in their ads, it's much cooler inside. 

Well, it's cooler in some parts.  Not in the areas where ladies in leisure suits are calling it Penney's. 

For the record, my Mom was just trying clothes on near the ladies in leisure suits, not one of them... despite her propensity to actually refer to JCP as Penney's.  She's old school JCP.  It's in her blood.


Mommy McD said...

You are so funny!! This post made me LOL- really! Also, I love parentheses. And my mom and grandma totally call it Penney's. They also call Nordtrom Nordies, Blomingdales Bloomies, etc. etc. Even Ralph's is Ralphie's. Ha! I might have to tell them all the cool people have stopped calling JCP Penney's! ;)

Stacy said...

You are so cracking me up! I read last week (actually I heard it on tv, but it sounds better to say I read it - see I use parentheses too!) that bloggers have more influence on buying habits than celebrities do - case in point! I'm totally checking out JCP for cool shoes/comfy shirts now!

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

They should pay you real American dollars! Copy and paste this comment into an email to them and demand compensation, stat.

Pink Stitches said...

Wow, I should really give the JCP another chance. They have recently lured me in there with the addition of Sephora but its usually an in and out trip. My grandma and elderly aunts shop there so thats all I imagine when I pass it. Those wedges are seriously making me reconsider though! I wanna be fast and loose too! Sounds too good to pass up!

Wendi said...

There's a Sephora inside the JCP? WTF?

lcarp51 said...

Ok. I totally see the trends between you and The Big Mama blog. Or maybe I am old. Because I love your shoe picks. AND they are totally 70's shoes. At least they are to me. Because I love it when fashion comes back. (But not big 80's hair.)

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Pray tell, what or who is Sephora ?~?

aggiemommy said...

Love the shoes! Too cute! :)

Southern Fried Gal said...

This post cracked me up. Cute shoes, too! Oh and I must wear that sign, too. I have heard it all!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

My mom calls it Penney's too. I don't think I've looked at their shoes in ages. Love those black platforms!! Super cute. :)

Thank you so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party! Hope you'll visit me at Serenity Now again soon. :)