Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And The Winner IS...

It's over people, I chose the winner on random.org moments ago and it is Missy!  Congratulations Missy.  Anyone with four kids really deserves a necklace.

(You can check out Missy and her cool blog It's Almost Naptime HERE.

Now, before depression sets in for the rest of you, fear not.  I'll bribe Jessica into doing it again someday.  She totally owes me for making her life so joyful.

Also, if you live in Central Texas and want to check out the stuff in person you can come over to my house.  Did I just invite the cyber world to my house?  Well, yes.  Yes I did. 

I'm not going to list my address on here because based on some of the comments I receive, a few of you reading are perhaps mentally disturbed and VERY angry at me for having feelings and emotions that do not jive with yours, you should really talk to a professional and I don't want you to come over.

Please also do not egg my house if you actually know me and feel angry at me.  Just a good reminder.

Anyway, send me an email if you live around here and would like to stop by the trunk show and I'll give you the information....and I'll have a trail for the FBI to follow if you turn out to be a nut job.  I'm so smart!

The Evite started with a HUGE martini glass to capture your eye, because people like alcohol, it makes them feel better about things. Imagine it and then read below for the info on the night.

Ok ladies. I know the martini glass captured your eye, and your desire to escape to a happy place, so listen up.

It has been way too long since I have seen a lot of you. I know I up and moved near the buffalo, but I'm worth a quick-ish drive and a night out of your house....right? Oh, and there's more goodness than just seeing me. Gasp!

My amazing friend Jessica started a company last year selling awesome accessories and home goods made by artisians from around the world. The sale of these items helps to release these artists from the bounds of poverty. She also is doing this to aid in the adoption of her sweet baby boy and the adoption of other children around the world. Check out her website for more details.

Noonday Collection

Pretty cool, right?

So come over and hang out with me, check out the stuff, have a glass of wine and have some fun. I've personally bought a lot of items from Jessica (and we all know how good I look - they look great with Target clothes) and am very excited to see all her new stuff. If you came to the last party, there is tons of new stuff to check out.

You'll also know if you came last time that there isn't any pressure to purchase so just come for a glass of wine and hear some amazing stories about women around the world that are doing fantastic things to get their families fed...and to make us look really good, which is really a priority we should all have.

Will there be martinis like the picture? Maybe. Will there be wine? Yes. In bulk. Will there be famous people here? Possibly. Will there be free stuff? I don't know. Will you feel good after you leave....either from a slight buzz or the elation of doing the right thing and helping someone in need? Absolutely.

Feel free also to bring a friend, or five. The more the merrier. Post it on Facebook, create an ad campaign for your neighbor hood, tweet the hell out of it, or just pick up the phone and ask someone to drive you because you are afraid of driving all the way to Round Rock near the buffalo. Fear not people, it's fun here.

Oh, extra friendship points* if you bring a bottle of wine to share.

*friendship points are an intricate tracking system I actually use to rank all my friends...where do you rank? Come and find out, there will be a HUGE chart with photos on display**

**this is fabricated for entertainment purposes


Now don't you want to come over and hang out?  The show is Thursday, April 14th at 7:00. 

Congrats again to Missy!  All sore losers must direct your anger to her, not me.

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Cheryl said...

Missy's lame. ;) Just kidding - she does deserve it.

And I would totally bash your party if I lived closer. Although I am in Texas, I am not going to drive that far for a martini no matter how badly I need one.