Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is How Mekhi Phifer Changed My Life

So Mekhi Phifer just left my house.  He just set up the cable in our playroom.  Thank you Mekhi!

Ok, it wasn't probably him but it really looked like him and I personally haven't seen him on anything since ER tragically went off the air.  I'm just saying.  He could totally be working for Time Warner Cable in Round Rock under the name Chris.  I probably should have asked for his autograph...just in case.  

I think I scared him though because I was watching True Blood when he arrived and it is basically like not so soft porn.  It was a pretty uncomfortable moment for Mekhi and me.  He was totally missing his days on the set after the visit to my house. 

 (Sidenote, why do so many people like True Blood?  It's nasty. I read the books, but I'm just not tough enough for the show. I've tried four episodes now and I am officially giving up.)

Anyway, I think I had a point to this post.  A point littered with sidenotes, but a point all the same so I'll try to regroup. 

Right now Aiden and Cole are blissfully watching PBS televsion in the playroom.  See.

What? Don't they look blissful? Cole has that fun crown, Aiden's sitting on a car bean bag.  Bliss!

Well, I am blissful anyway.  Mekhi just left and we have a fully functioning television in our playroom.  This is life altering. 

Until recently we had been a one tv household. We'd functioned like this for over a year and were just fine like that, until a few weekends ago when we went to visit friends that had a tv in their playroom.

On Sunday morning all seven (yes, SEVEN) kids took their juice to the playroom to sit and watch some morning cartoons and wake up.  Alex and I were totally baffled.  See, we usually watch Curious George or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while we drink coffee.  We never watch the news or have simple silence to talk....usually silence though, no one wants to chat.  This was unbelievable.

The whole drive home, Alex and I tried to figure out where we could squeeze $300 out of our budget to purchase this daily escape from kid world.  We were desperate for the peace that the playroom tv seemed to provide. That was how we wanted to start our mornings.  We were going to make it happen.  We had big dreams. Big, quiet, tv dreams. (We aim low in life sometimes.)

So now that Mekhi has left, I am free! I actually told the boys they could only watch Arthur, but now Word Girl is on and everyone just seems so content....who am I to mess it up?  That would just be mean and I'm not mean. 

Speaking of mean, before cranky Anonymous lady writes a long comment about how I am allowing the television to raise my kids while I selfishly sit and write the afternoon away...you are so right cranky Anonymous lady.  I am being selfish right now and it feels fantastic for my mothering skills.

I plan on letting them really live it up today, relish in the mindless indulgence, destroy their capacity to think a litle and then possibly make it easier to control them.  Maybe? 

If not, at least I got to sit here and write about how good it feels to have peace in my house while my children are here and how there was that time that Mekhi Phifer set up my cable.  I don't remember when that last happened. 

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Cheryl said...

I am so glad I found your blog. I can't wait to tell all my mommy friends, well at least the ones that have sarcasm as one of their love languages, because you are so flippin' funny. I have snorted out my nose too many times to count while I have read some of your posts.
I have 3 under 5 as well, so thanks for the laugh!