Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So I Was Going To Be Really Funny, But I Changed My Mind

I had the most witty, insightful, intelligent, yet personable, post about spring break all ready in my head tonight...but it's 11:00 pm people and honestly, I'm really tired. It isn't happening. Besides, I have some riveting teen fiction to read....we all have our priorities.

I blame the evaporation of all my time this evening on my children (they ruin a lot of things by confusing me with their alternating cute then horrible behavior) the time change, my inability to be brief in communication, my husband for being so intriguing that I can't stop talking at to him or staring at him (I'm really fun to be married to) and my pilates class instructor from this morning that kept telling me to be "fluid and strong." 

I honestly almost rolled up my mat and beat her with it.   She really had nothing to do with my evening, but she really bothered me this morning so I feel better when I blame something on her from today.  She was also responsible for all my dishes going unwashed until right before my friend came over this afternoon and for that mashed banana that is still rotting under Stella's highchair.  She was a really annoying instructor.

Anyway, I promise I'll write about spring break tomorrow.  If it isn't' as wonderful as I made it sound in the first lines, it's probably that damn pilates instructor's fault.

Here's a little slice of the boys this week though.  They really have been pretty good.  I'm still not psyched about it being spring break, but it's much easier when they are sweet...or when your friend comes over at 3:00 pm to make you a yummy rum drink so you can pretend you're still living it up on the beach in Ft. Meyers instead of cleaning up rotting bananas....not that I'm doing that.

P.S. If you would like to make me leap with joy...seriously I'll leap and take a photo, click on the button on the right for the link to my Circle of Moms blog entry so I can win funniest mom blog and take over the world.  I'd be so awesome at running the world. 

Thank you!

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