Friday, March 11, 2011

Journey to Kindergarten Begins

I signed Aiden up for kindergarten yesterday.  I didn't know whether to cry because it seems like he is getting so old, or pee my pants with joy that he'll be at school five days a week and I'll only have two little ones at home. 

It was such a tough call that I remained pretty neutral about the entire experience.  The process actually helped with my neutrality in that it was rather disappointing on the excitement factor.

There was no defining moment that signified this is the start of your child's educational future.  I didn't receive a heartfelt poem written by a Mom about losing her baby to the world as he climbs on the school bus for the first time.  (I am totally writing that for next year's round-up and handing it to every parent that walks in so that I can attempt to make them cry.)  I wasn't even frightened by pamphlets describing bullying or head lice or any other scary thing about elementary school.

It was pretty lame.

I did purchase a t-shirt so Aiden could pretend to care about being a Coyote next year. I'm going to wait to give it to him though because I have a feeling it is going to ignite a firestorm of questions about the coyote. What is a coyote? Where do they live? Why is it not just a dog if it looks like a dog?

I also had a very intense discussion with a woman from the PTA trying to describe to me all the different box top incentive programs there are and what EXACTLY needs to be brought to school for them to get their money.  I was completely overwhelmed that I have a feeling I might just be taking boxes of cereal there instead of trying to figure out the entire process. Elementary IS difficult.

Then I filled out a stack of paper about what language we spoke at home and some questions about Aiden's personality and current level of knowledge about letters and numbers. I felt sort of arrogant filling them out since Aiden is so interested in learning and cooperative in the classroom. 

I pretty much could have just written "Aiden is the most amazing kindergartner this school has encountered EVER and is going to kick all the other kindergartners asses with his vast knowledge of all things ABC and 123," across the top of the page.

That felt weird though so I just wrote that he was cooperative in a classroom setting and checked the yes boxes about knowing his letters and sounds and being able to count and write numbers 1-10.  I even resisted writing in that he could count to 100, because that wasn't seems like that could be important information though.  I guess I'll just let him wow them. 

In all seriousness, I was actually a little embarrassed when I read over my form.  It genuinely sounded like I thought Aiden should pretty much just skip to 2nd grade or go ahead and be put in charge of any behavioral issues from the "regular" children since he's so awesome.

So I felt the need to say something to the guidance counselor as she was checking my forms for completion.  I didn't want her thinking she was going to be dealing with a difficult parent in years to come.  I tired to laugh about how well behaved and smart I had made Aiden sound and then said, "I swear I don't write that on all my kids' forms, just wait until my middle child gets here."  She just stared at me and laughed (sort-of) uncomfortably and told me I was done. 

Yes, clearly I preferred her to think she was going to be dealing with a partially crazy parent in years to come.  What's wrong with me?  Why did I totally throw Cole under the bus like that and act embarrassed that I have a good kid so far?  I need to work on my moves to fit in at elementary.  It was pretty sad. 

 I probably should have just peed my pants with joy, at least I would have just been an excited and supportive parent.  I need to get to work on that poem to restore my credibility there. I bet that PTA lady could help me write something to make people cry.


thesisterhoodofspiritualsinglemoms said...

Sending your first to kindergarten is so hard! I felt guilty that my oldest was at school while me and her younger brothers were at home. It didn't help that she cried every morning going to school! But, the third one was so ready for kindergarten because he felt like he was the only one left at home. It does get easier. Although, mine are now 17, 14, and 12 and this past week the 17, and 14, were home sick and I felt guilty all day that the 12 year old was at school and we were all home! Mommy guilt must last forever!

Cheryl said...

You need to get on that poem right away. Make those mommies cry like little babies.

My husband cracks jokes all the time and gets the awkward laugh from strangers too. So I'm with you on that one.

There was a dad at our round-up and he stumbled through a question, it was a little awkward. But let me sum it up for you. He essentially asked, "How can my super smart 5 year old who is light years beyond all these other chumps succeed? Will he be held back by their stupidity?" It was awkwardly awesome. But we were all thinking it. ;)