Thursday, March 17, 2011

How's Spring Break Going?

Everyone keeps asking me how my spring break is going. 

Well...I guess it's fine. 

(FYI I really think it should be called something else when your kids are just in preschool and it really just feels like you got screwed out of 10 hours of down time, and it really isn't a break....but maybe that's just me.  I hear you feel differently about this week once your kids are in elementary so we'll see next year.)

Here are the highlights of what is going on with us.

Swim Lessons:

Aiden and Cole both started swim lessons and neither of them drowned or pooped in the pool. Aiden even actully excelled at swimming.

Cole excelled at keeping his goggles on and having a watering can poured over his head.  He's showing real promise and will soon be in a speedo racing someone I'm sure.

Stella found an 8 year old girl with a box of Polly Pocket dolls and I didn't have to do anything with her for the entire 30 minute lesson.  I will be seeking this child out each week to babysit my baby and will now bring a book with me to all lessons. 

I also will add Polly Pockets to the list of future girl toys I am scared of having in my house.

The Waco Zoo:

We met some of the boys' friends and a few cousins at the Waco Zoo Tuesday and it rocked. 

They were so excited and joyful that I had to let go of my determination that the day was going to be way more work than I felt like going through and release my dream that spring break would be cancelled and I'd get a call from the preschool saying to go ahead and drop the boys off as usual. 

Despite being trapped in an enclosed area with wild animals and LOTS of small children we all had a good time.  What were the chances of that?  Hooray!

Pilates Class

The time change really jacked with my children's sleep....but the upside was that Stella slept until almost 9 am one morning, which allowed me to attend a pilates class that I usually have to skip because she is selfishly napping.  She's really lazy.

We arrived 15 minutes late due to me having to stop for gas (totally wishing I had more of my mother's fear of running out of gas and filled up every time the gauge registers toward the half way mark, but oh well,) and on the way home we stopped for donuts.  This pretty much countered my exercise, but it sure felt good to go to a class again and to eat a donut.  They are so delicious.

Oh, and my instructor couldn't stop telling me to be fluid and strong.  Not sure why this rubbed me the wrong way so much, but it did.   The donuts helped me though.

Drinking During Playdates:

In true spring break fashion, my friend Jenn brought over a liter of rum and other deliciousness to mix some fruity beverages while our boys played in the backyard

Why doesn't this happen more often?  Why are we not having more cocktails during playdates? 

Thanks Jenn for addressing this need.  I think it's up to us to make this occur more regularly, not just weeks when we are trapped with our kids without end....though those are the most important times to do it.

We also wore our swimsuits and laid out in the sandbox and talked about boys.  Ok, that totally didn't happen but it would have been more spring break like.

Stella's Nine Month Checkup:

This is really not very spring break like, but in true vacation fashion I totally forgot about the appointment until I received a call from the office to confirm the appointment.  I'm so footloose and fancy free around here. 

Jenn, yet again, put a little extra spring in my spring break step though and had me drop the boys off at her house while I took Stella alone to her appointment. 

(Don't you all want to be friends with her now?   Seriously, she makes life good.)

This was a real vacation.  I took photos.  I stopped for a Starbucks.  I read a magazine while Stella played with germ infested toys. I tried to chat up other moms in the waiting room so I could feel like I was on some sort of was mildly pathetic and desperate, but a really good time.

Stella had fun too until she got her two shots.  After that she was really over our vacation. 

She's healthy and doing well though and the doctor medically declared she is still the cutest baby that has ever lived.  He's so intelligent.  Here's the proof though.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring.  A trip to Ross for a silver velvet chair that keeps calling my name?  A journey to the library?  A walk?  The possibilities are clearly endless and all equally unexciting....except for going to Ross for that chair because I really think that chair could make me happy.

It isn't like the old days of spring break.  Like trips to Cancun in college doing shots visiting Mayan ruins and passing out  playing in the sand.  But at least we got to go to the zoo.

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This made me laugh so hard! We have an entire colony of Polly Pockets in our house...they will take over if you let them. ;) Thanks for linking up!

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