Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And My Favorite Child Is....

I asked my children yesterday, "Who's my favorite child?" 

All three children raised their hands and said "ME!"

I am an amazing mother.  All three children believe I love them the same....and my nine month old baby is a genius!

OK, Stella didn't say "me," but she did raise her hand which is sort of impressive.  She does that a lot though so I can't really claim that she understood me.  In fact, she randomly reaches up so often that I often wonder if there is something developmentally off or perhaps it's some form of turrets? 

I can't get over my joy that they all believe they are my favorite.  I have them totally fooled!  Clearly I love Stella the most.

Kidding Mom....the ranking list changes daily depending on how they scored in their individual categories that day, of course.

I spend a lot of time worrying about what kind of Mom I am being to them all.  I worry that at times I am too quick to be frustrated or too strict with their reprimands.  My sarcasm isn't always my greatest strength in child relations so that causes it's own slew of mommy guilt.  (Though it is quite an asset when making myself feel better after a particularly challenging situation, and Amity and I sit around and laugh a lot at our jokes because we are really funny when we are being sarcastic.)

I unfortunately/fortunately have encouraged my kids to talk about their emotions a lot so I get a lot of, "Mommy, it makes me feel sad when you speak to me like that."  Ugh. I apparently wound their delicate emotions quite often by doing things like freaking out if they won't put on their shoes after being asked a mere fifty times or showing my apathy for their latest string of complaints about the type of juice I purchased.  Thanks for sharing your emotions though!

It was nice to hear that they hear the good stuff too, or they at least feel the immense love I have for them.  Maybe all those nights of singing Hush Little Baby and hours of snuggling while watching adorable movies about wildlife, like Bambi are paying off? 

Or...perhaps they think I am so mean to their siblings that they each figure I must favor them.


I was feeling really good that they felt so loved, but now I have completely talked myself out of it. 

I do have a favorite, I'd be lying if I said I didn't.  The favorite really does change daily though because they each have their days of being the one I am fixated on, that I marvel over.  The one that I want to force to cuddle with me...they love it even if they squirm, I'm sure of it. They all shine depending on the day. 

(Now you are wondering if I really do score them each evening. Well, how else would I keep track people?) 

Thankfully, my heart seems to have split in thirds with the birth of Stella, even if some days one of them wins out over their sibling for that day's emotions. 

Sometimes it can feel like there is a lot more freaking out over shoes than whispers of sweet love. 

But really.....that's sort of their own damn fault. 


Patricia said...

I just wanted to say your blog is hilarious!!! I am a new mom of a 9 month old, and I was sent your blog by an officer. I am the wife of a different officer, not Officer Cuteness, though mine is pretty hot :). So I just wanted to say thank you for putting in to words what I am feeling.

The Mommy Therapy said...

Thanks Patricia! I'm so glad you found something you identify with right now. Being a new mom was really rough for me, I hope things are going well for you. Isn't it crazy how much it changes your life? Take care!

Anonymous said...

I am also a mother of three - they are slightly older, but still just as wonderful.

I might suggest thinking about the love of your children as not something that you divide...but multiply! I can' say enough about how wonderful and blessed I am to have such wonderful children...as I am sure you are...multiply your love - it's easier than keeping score!

The Mommy Therapy said...

Oh PM, I am sure you are a wonderful mother to your three. Thanks for reaching out and commenting on my post.

Please understand that I am very sarcastic, very much joking about actually keeping score. The truth is that some days one of them is easier than the other...and it always changes. They all are unique and wonderful, but it would be false for me to say that every day they each elicit the same emotions from me. I love them beyond words that exist, they know that.

I love that both my boys thought they were my favorite, because they are. They all three are.

Oh and the blessings I have are unbelievable...the children topping the list.