Monday, March 7, 2011

Aiden Makes a Profane Dr. Seuss Hat

Last week, Aiden's class studied Dr. Seuss.  Of course The Cat In The Hat was a big topic. 

One of the crafts was to make a classic red and white stripe Cat hat, which Aiden thought was pretty cool so he wore it around our house a lot.

I didn't really look at the writing on the front of the hat closely when it first came home, but yesterday he was happily running around with the hat on and the words on the front no longer said 'Aiden's Hat.'

Now, the words were 'Aiden Shat.'

It really made my night.

It was one of those moments when I am really grateful to have kids so that hilarious things like this can make me laugh for hours.  


Anonymous said...

and they are always so personal (one of a kind) and I'm happy they are written down for at my age short term memory is like a 5 mile run.
now how do I check the box?? bc

Laurie said...

It was Dr. Suess' birthday! :)