Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random Valentine's Day Happenings

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and surprisingly, not a single one of my children cared. 

Their apathy probably stems from the fact that there was no anticipation for gifts which is basically the only type of event my kids really get charged up for these days. When it snowed a few weeks ago Cole kept looking around for the presents, assuming that snow meant it was Christmas again.  After he learned that there were in fact zero gifts beyond the rare joy of playing in snow in Texas, he was over it and a little annoyed.  Valentine's didn't even register on his radar.

I did bribe the boys to take an extended rest time by giving them a bowl of candy and a movie to watch.  I basically felt OK about giving it to them because it was a holiday.  It's OK to give them a bowl of sugar if you are celebrating, right?  I mean Valentine's Day is an official US holiday, eating sugar is practically required.

One highlight of Valentine's Day was receiving my very cool new Mommy cards.  I have a love/hate relationship with the idea of these cards, but definitely LOVE this version.  Check them out.  They are in a variety of colors and are handmade.

I feel validated in my occupation as a mother by carrying these around.  Don't be surprised if the next time I see you I make you take one of my cards, even if I have known you for years and you in no way need my contact information.

FYI my cards don't have a line through the cell phone number, I just like to pretend that enough people read this blog that I don't want them to have my cell number. People like those that find the blog by searching for "shower" and "pee." Not sure what you are doing, but it's weird and I don't want you to even think about calling me.

You can check out options at http://www.wakeybaby.com/.  Super cool other stuff is available and Heather was very helpful.  Also, my brother bought mine so you should talk to him about sponsoring your order too.  He's really nice.

I was able to get all three kids to the gym yesterday so I could run to Kanye West and Eminem.  I had a mere 30 minutes until the kid's club closed for lunch but I made the most of it by only listening to my most explicit lyric songs and running while singing along. Nothing makes me feel better than running to a little 50 Cent and dropping the f-bomb under my breath. 

Seriously, it's weird but it works.  My mood increases dramatically after I do this and I am pretty sure I am a better Mom for cussing to everyone around me at 24 Hour Fitness. OK, maybe not a better Mom, but a saner Mom.  OK, maybe it's just weird and a little inappropriate, but I feel good.

The low point of my Valentine's Day was trying to pay for our delicious $5 heart shaped pizza with my debit card and being declined.  I mean, really....$5?  It was sad and a little embarrassing. 

The girl ringing me up looked barely 14 and she offered to cover the cost for me.  Pride won out though and I hauled all three of my kids back to our minivan to count change we could find in the car. We compiled an impressive $5.40 in nickels, dimes, one quarter and several pennies. 

Seriously, the girl gave me a pathetic nod and said she didn't want to count it.  What was I saying about my pride?

Funniest part of the day though? Asking Cole who he would like to read stories to him.  He immediately said, "Daddy!"

No big surprise there.  Mommy is basically out of joy by the time story time rolls around and Daddy is a newly arrived bundle of child enthusiasm about everything they say and do.

Cole quickly explained though, "Mommy, you are sweeter but sometimes you are...." this is where he puts his palms on my cheeks and pulls my lips to his, gives me a giant kiss and says, "mean."

I can't argue with him.  Sometimes I am mean, sometimes I am sweet.  I'm still the one dropping the f-bomb in the name of being a better Mom and giving them bowls of sugar though.  I'm an awesome Mom.  Right?

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