Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Shoe Mommy and Dead Ass Last Mommy

I just stopped by the grocery to pick up some of Stella's fancy, overpriced organic formula.  I usually order this online through Amazon because it is significantly cheaper, but that seemed impossible the last few days.  You know how hard it is to click buttons when there is Modern Family to watch and wine to drink. 

In the store, two young children were running alongside their mother's cart.  I would guess they were around 3 and 5.  Neither of these children were wearing shoes.  Seriously, jeans, t-shirts and no footwear at all. This bothered me.  This bothered me a lot.

I can completely get behind the idea that things sometimes happen. Periodically putting shoes on your children can be a royal pain in the ass. I honestly get that.  It would seem though that cart riding would be required if shoes were impossible.  Even unable-to-walk Stella had on shoes. These kids were frolicking, footwear free, in the produce section like they were at the beach or a farmer's market. 

I almost said something to the Mom about her kid's safety walking through a parking lot and store barefoot.  I really wanted to point out, more importantly, the potential for her kids to spread their foot fungus around the place where I was buying overpriced groceries. 

How did I know they had foot fungus?  They were walking around a public store barefoot, I feel safe saying their feet are at least partially damaged in some way.

I would have said all these things to her... but I was actually afraid of their mother. 

She was really big.  REALLY big. She also looked like maybe it wasn't her happiest day.  Or perhaps not her happiest life.  She made me feel like the most kind hearted and gentle mother ever, and that is saying a lot.  I followed her around for a few minutes to build my mothering self esteem.

Sometimes it just feels nice to see someone screwing it up more than you are. 

I actually contemplated filming her crankiness toward her kids with my iPhone so I could play it for Aiden and Cole later in an effort to bolster my image with them, but again I was pretty scared she would hit me, or steal Stella and my I quietly went on with my shopping.


In other news of good parenting, Cole brought this to school to show his teacher and friends.  I didn't even really think about what it actually said on the trophy. 

Sometimes we all fall a little short.

But seriously, I am a really nice Mom compared to that big, no-shoe woman.

I'm just saying.


aggiemommy said...

LMAO! Thanks for this one. Love the trophy, btw! ;)

The Mommy Therapy said...

That trophy is seriuosly attached to my children and it is really inappropriate. I need to start working on some detaching techniques.