Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Morning With The Boys

This morning my boys were adorable.  So adorable that I decided I needed to cherish the moment...and I did.

People say this to me all the time and I find it irritating.  It actually makes my skin crawl.

I probably get so irritated because I feel a combination of panic and guilt each time these words hit my ear.  I know this journey of small children is going fast.  I know it will be over and I will miss it, but it makes it no less challenging.  I panic that I'm losing them quickly and feel guilty for having such a difficult time just enjoying them rather than stressing about how it takes us 20 minutes to do something simple like put on socks in the morning.

So when I have a moment where I find the kids collectively irresistible, I do try to grab on.  I grab on really tightly because these moments are fleeting.  These moments are painfully rare, but thank God they still periodically creep up on me.   

Aiden and Cole were playing together, and no one was fighting. This by itself is a joyful break from their normal routine of fierce arguments over anything.  Seriously anything. Who did or did not see a bird.  What the correct plural form is of the word man.  Whether or not police officers drive trucks or cars.  Anything. 

So this morning they decided they wanted to go on a hike with their backpacks and were filled with so much anticipation and excitement they were about to burst. They carefully filled their packs with snacks and a towel to rest on or sit and eat their food.  Aiden helped Cole with his backpack and jacket while I fixed them snacks. 

Nothing melts my heart faster than seeing my children help one another.  Is it possible that I am actually raising kind people?  A rare sighting that I could be doing a good job is so gratifying.

They both kissed me goodbye and left for their trip through the backyard. Ahhh.

The most adorable part was that they left me to go on their adventure all by themselves and I got to watch from my bedroom window and just marvel at their sweetness.  If I had been asked to participate I am pretty sure my emotions would have been entirely different about this entire situation.

They are so imaginative, so cute. 

They were even funny at lunch. They were having pretzel sticks, which my boys always pretend are cigarettes.  (My father, whom they call Tractor, smokes. I haven't been teaching them that these resemble cigarettes or buying them that pretend cigarette gum that I used to love as a child.)

This prompted a long and thoughtful discussion about how cigarette smoking isn't good for you, what to say if someone tries to offer you a cigarette or anything else you don't like, etc.  Yes, I'm aware that my kids are 5 and 3 and aren't probably going to encounter peer pressure for this really soon or anything, but I firmly believe that this discussion forum can't start too soon....obviously.

After about 10 minutes of this discussion I wrap up with a clear conclusion statement like, "so smoking is really harmful to your health and you should always feel comfortable saying no if someone asks you to smoke."  Mother of the Year.

Then Cole says, "Right Mommy,we can only smoke with Tractor." 

Clearly I'm doing a fantastic job clarifying the finer points of what is and is not OK now that Cole thinks he can have a smoke with his grandfather if he would like. 

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