Sunday, February 20, 2011

Missing My Lexus

I miss my Lexus.  It sounds ridiculous.  It sounds snobby, but after Friday, I miss it.

At Lexus, regardless of whether you have a brand new $50k car or a 10 year old ghetto version of a luxury vehicle, you still got Lexus treatment.  No matter what you brought your car in for, you could get a free loaner that makes you feel like your ghetto vehicle might be a piece of junk, but it periodically allows you to drive an amazingly sweet ride. 

Lexus gives unlimited access to a room filled with newspapers, amazing snacks and beverages and three different tvs that play a vaierty of interesting shows.  I don't even drink soda, but the fact that I could have all the free Dr. Pepper I wanted always spurred me to drink at least one.

On Friday, I had to take the minivan in for an oil change and the fact that I no longer drive a luxury car was glaringly obvious.  Painfully clear to me.  Boo. 

First, unlike Lexus, Toyota does not allow you to make an appointment for an oil change.  We had tried to go several times and always found the wait to be unacceptable.  By Friday though, we didn't have a choice anymore.  We were a couple thousand miles over due and taking a long trip the next day.  Alex kindly told me that I basically had to suck it up and just get it done.  Gee, thanks.

So I pull up with all the kids and hear that the wait is going to be about an hour and a half.  Awesome.  The service man enthusiastically reassures me that they have a kid's playroom to ease the length of time and he offers me a small Starbucks card that allows me to get a free drink at the Starbucks stand in the middle of the dealership. 

I foolishlly began to think that perhaps things wouldn't be that bad after all. I was clearly being dramatic and spoiled about having to stay at the dealership rather than having the opportunity to leave in a new car.

It takes at least 15 minutes for me to get all three kids out of the van and into the dealership to wait.  Cole had of course removed and thrown his socks and his shoes, Aiden couldn't find a small piece of weaponry that went to his little lego man and Stella had successfully thrown all her pacifiers so that I couldn't find any of them. Off to a good start.

We head into the dealership and find the kid room.  Aiden's exact words were,"Mommy, why did they just take these random things that no one wanted anymore and throw them into this room?" 

He was totally correct. There was exactly one toy, a farm animal spin and speak that didn't work anymore.  There was a small play table that had a few beads on it and tic tac toe board that my children basically just crawled in and out of and used as something to fight over.  There were two small tables, a broken tv, a small basketball goal with no ball and several cracked, dirty plastic cushion type things.   Let the fun begin!

They were fine for the first 15 minutes and then they were all done with the room.  We had snacks then decided to take a tour of the dealership. The boys loved it.  They crawled into the trunks of each vehicle they could get close to and attempted to honk every horn in the place.  I'm pretty sure Toyota is rethinking the options in that toy room after our visit.

I headed over to the Starbucks stand to enjoy my free beverage, only to learn that it only entitled me to a free, tall coffee.  This is pretty disappointing since I don't drink coffee.  I asked if I could have the credit for a tall coffee and order a chai tea instead and was told   Awesome.  Thanks for the free drink!

Cole infoms me he needs to go potty so we all head to the bathroom.  I went first since Cole is afraid of all public toilets and feels better if I go first.  I immediately feared that my peeing in front of the boys might lead to a string of questions I wasn't up to answering today.  Thankfully, neither of the boys had their usual questions about why I don't have a penis

Cole pees and, I guess, decides that holding his penis up rather than down would be a good idea while he pees and he urinates all over his shirt.  I didn't have a spare shirt so we left the restroom with a shirtless Cole.  We could not have looked more classy.

I decided we had to head back to the kid room, nowhere else would want us.  The boys fought over the plastic cushion things.  Aiden cried because Cole wouldn't be an "x" instead of an "o" in the tic tac toe game.  Stella was ready for a nap and letting everyone know.


By the time I got the call that my van was ready, I had all three children crying, Cole still shirtless and we had basically destroyed the bare bones play room.  I have never been so happy to leave a car dealership.  From now on I am purchasing the cheapest luxury vehicle I can find.  When is Lexus going to make a minivan?


aggiemommy said...

I guess you can at least be thankful that Cole didn't use his penis as a "firehose" and pee on all of yall???!!!??? Sorry it was so rough. Dad's have no idea of what it's like to "just run a few errands" with fussy kiddos. I've only got 2 and I think I have it rough. I don't see how you do it with 3. Huge hugs from Rockwall. I definitely think you've earned your bottle of wine for the night! ;)

Anonymous said...

Why are you going to the dealership for an oil change? It doesn't void your warranty to go elsewhere - say a 15 min Jiffy Lube? Plus, it's less expensive. . .

The Mommy Therapy said...

When I bought my car I also go a pack of free oil changes which seemed really nice at the time. My lack of money right now makes the idea of turning down a free oil change impossible.

My husband also believes that there is something about the little electronic warning lights only being able to be turned off by the Toyota people....but I haven't confirmed that one.

Once the free oil changes are done, I will definitely be off to faster service options. :)