Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Time for Me to Makeover My Pediatrician's Office

I've been logging some serious time in the pediatrician's office recently. Yesterday I took Stella to the doctor for a suspected ear infection.  Damn her inferior ear structure.

This was my 5th visit to the pediatrician's office in 3 weeks.  I need a punch card of some sort.  I think I could have almost earned a koozie or perhaps a magnet with Tylenol dosage amounts. 

While sitting in the office, that now is so familiar to me that I find myself giving other parents direction and answering basic medical questions while the office staff is busy, I made a mental list of things I think the doctor should change to make things more pleasant in there.

1. There should be a bar in the office.  I have been dealing with sick children for three weeks now, I deserve a drink while I wait to have my baby poked and prodded again.

2. There should be some healthy, interesting people mixed into the waiting room with all the parents of sick children.  Those parents are all tapped out of brain power, much less interesting conversation topics.  All they want to discuss is their kids ailments, which I don't want to hear.  I have my own problems which aren't that interesting either.  

3. A simple snack cart of some kind would really help me out.  Invariably my boys have decided that the snacks I brought with us are insufficient to satisfy their hunger.  Aiden requested I make him a sandwich while Stella was being examined yesterday.  (Not sure what I was doing that led him to believe I had a stash of bread and other sandwich making items.)

4. Someone to read the US Weekly magazine to me while I hold my baby.  I would love to enjoy the gossip magazines that taunt me there, but I can't put down my sick ear baby to safely hold it. A reader, preferably one that has some witty commentary to accompany all stories and photos would be great.

5. A babysitter for the healthy kids I have to bring along. Seriously, why isn't this happening?
I am simply over having sick children. I want to sleep again.  I want to be able to go out into the world with all of them for play dates and parks without fear of infecting the world with our funk.

Did I just say I want to go on a play date?  Oh wow, we have been trapped a while.

I do realize this has to end eventually so I am trying to be grateful for the fact that our ailments have been very minor, but at 3 am with a congested, screaming baby, I am 100% convinced no one has it worse than I do.  It takes me until morning and a cup of coffee to realize this is not true.

In happier news though...Aiden made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants yesterday morning.

It was one of those wonderful moments that I love about having kids.  He was simply trying to do as I asked and get dressed, but he was so blissfully unaware and apathetic about what he was putting on his body that he came out dressed like this.

Polo shirt backwards.  Pants way, way too small.  I love this. 

He was more funny though because he came out carrying a leather belt he wanted to wear also.  Pretty sure those pants are staying up without the belt.

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