Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dangerous Times With Stella

OK Mom, I know what you are going to say.  There are a lot of things going on in this photo that shouldn't be. 

I'll go ahead and state all of  your concerns so that you can feel comfortable in my parenting. OK, so you can feel comfortable that I understand this one particular moment in parenting.

1. Stella is sitting on top of a kitchen counter. She could fall off and break her neck.  That would be bad.  I should watch her.

2. Stella's outfit of two totally different stripes does not match.  At all.

3. Stella could easily choke on these grapes, which are pretty high on the choking hazard list.  I should take them away.

4. Were these grapes and/or the counter cleaned before Stella came into contact with them? There are lots of chemicals or at the very least dirt on fruits and vegetables, you should wash before eating.

5. Why are there so many dishes and miscellaneous things around the sink?  Is that sanitary?  Is someone spending too much time on their computer, not enough time taking care of the house?

See, I get it.  Even when I'm making a poor decision, I get it.

I took this picture because we were having such a good time.  Aiden and Cole were at preschool for five blissful hours and Stella had just woken up from a fantastic two hour nap that enabled me to drink my Starbucks in peace, roam the Internet without interruption and talk to a friend without having to once stop conversation to tell someone to stop something. We both were feeling good.

It was so fun to have a few minutes of just Stella and me.  It was fascinating to watch her attack a colander (just washed) of grapes with such determination and curiosity.

She did put several of these grapes into her mouth, but I didn't once have to perform the Heimlich maneuver on her.  We worked it out and she was hilarious, even sneaky about putting extra grapes in her hands to feverishly stuff in her mouth when I was busy with another aspect of her survival.

I had a million things to do and I know Stella would have played on the floor with whatever random object I threw at her (one of her most redeeming qualities currently,) but instead I took the time to play with her on top of a kitchen counter with a spell binding bunch of grapes.

It was wonderful.

When the boys are here I spend a lot of time breaking up fights, feeding them, or assisting with fort construction and Stella has to sort of enjoy the show.  I often want to rush around to accomplish things when they are gone, seize the single child moment. 

Today I embraced their absence though, with some rule breaking Stella time.

I think it was time well spent.

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