Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Aiden Figures Out We Are Going to Have to Live in a Box

Not too long ago, Alex made a casual joke to Aiden that we couldn't spend any more money or we would have to live in a box.  (He's hilarious.)  Well, Aiden took that comment to heart. 

A few days after he received the news, he looked at me in a panic as I mentioned we were going to stop at Starbucks.  He even asked me if I thought that was a good idea. He literally was envisioning his future living inside a cardboard square.

Yesterday, after a fairly pleasant day which even included a 3 hour nap by Cole and a trip to the gym, I attempted to take all three kids to the grocery store.  I wasn't planning on a big trip, but we did need a few things so that the kids could have some of their staples like fruit and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. 

OK, and I was out of wine which is truly a staple for the kid's safety. 

As we approached the store there was a considerable amount on grumbling from the rear of the van about their lack of enthusiasm for the trip. Both boys were proclaiming that they just wanted to go home and ride their bikes. I calmly and sweetly, (OK, probably wasn't that sweetly,) informed them that we didn't have things like bread in our house and if we didn't go to the store for a few minutes then we wouldn't be able to eat.

Complaining continued.

I paused and searched my file of mom decisions and lessons to be learned and decided to leave. 

Do not panic, I remembered that there was a large bottle of chardonnay in the garage refridgerator from Grandma and Tractor's visit so the sacrifice for me was minimal.  We might not have food, but we did in fact have plenty of wine.

I simply turned the car back on, put it in reverse, and started for home. 

One would think that they would have been elated since this is what they had been begging for, and Cole was in fact very pleased, already plotting how he could carry his toy shotgun on his new bike and asking me if spider man used a bell.  Aiden, on the other hand FREAKED out.  He started screaming at me to go back, he wanted to eat.  He was hysterical about our lack of food.

Oh wow.  Now I have made him think that we aren't going to have food, not that we could afford it anyway in his mind.  I honestly did try to explain to him that we had food to eat, just not food that he would probably want, but he was beyond his ability to listen. 

I could just see his mental picture, all of us crowded into our cardboard box, (probably on our driveway sitting next to our 2011 minivan,) trying to share that giant bag of Cheerios from Costco that we can't seem to ever finish in non-starving life.

 It took me about 10 minutes after we got home, and a quick visual of our fridge, before he felt like life was going to be OK.  Cole was already putting on his spider man belt and trying to tie his shotgun to his bike with Indiana's leash.

Tonight, Aiden thanked me for re stacking all the books on his bookshelf and even said that is looked, "so nice." He eagerly cleaned up the playroom, while screaming and crying at Cole for sitting in the middle of it all and trying to balance army men on his belly. He thanked me for making dinner for him and ate everything on his plate. He even reminded me that I should give he and Cole their vitamins.  What would I do without my 70 year old, desperately seeking approval son?

I need to remember how sensitive he is about things.  i am too harsh with him sometimes, too sarcastic for a joyful and dying to be praised little five year old.  Aiden can handle a sarcastic comment or a periodic joke, he is my son after all, but there are some things that are simply not funny to him. Any comments about our basic life needs being taken away are taken seriously and given much too much care for a five year old...he is my husband's son after all.

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Jen Green said...

Wow. From one sarcastic sister to another, I feel your pain. I think you handled it remarkably well, and good luck to you on all future grocery trips. Thanks for sharing, it helps to know that others sometimes forget to reign in that sharp wit every now and again, and kudos on the chardonnay! lol.