Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The 25 Random Things About Me

Since starting to write this blog I have gotten a lot more people reading that I don't personally know.  It is a HUGE honor to think that people want to read anything I have to say so thank you and you have really good taste! 

 I thought it would be a good time to resurrect my Facebook 25 Random Things About Me from a few years ago.  Yes,  I realize this is supposed to probably be a simple list of single sentences but here's a little pre-list fact about me....I'm long winded and have a lot to say.  I do paragraphs, not sentences.

I have had to amend my original version of this since having a third child and moving on from things like DVR-ing my soap opera every day.  I am now a sophisticated writer (see my recent post about me peeing my pants,) and I don't have time for soaps. 

(Ok, my soap opera actually went off the air almost two years ago because it was too good for tv and we no longer have DVR or else I probably would be recording something else because I think they are so fun.)

Here we go....

1. I loved being pregnant (though the third time was a little more rough,) and thought labor was actually exciting and fun all three times. I didn't get my epidural until I was around 8.5 cm dilated with Cole and Stella since things move pretty quickly for me.  I even had the power go out while pushing with Aiden and was moved rooms during the process. Still had fun!  I might not do a lot of things well, but I can carry and deliver a baby with the best of them.

2. I threaten irrational punishments to my children when I feel so overwhelmed by my anger that I can't think straight or am so embarrassed in public I don't know what to say. I have been known to threaten putting them in a closet, withholding juice for months, taking away their beds, etc. Please don't call CPS for this. I never do it (and probably have much more valid reasons to be reported to CPS if you feel I might be a bad Mom)

3. I love Austin, but desperately miss being close to my family and friends in the Midwest. I think I will never have friendships like those from high school and college and I sometimes get pretty emotional thinking that I miss out on a lot of their lives now because of where I am.

(Side note: you know how you are supposed to think of your most happy place during your pain in labor?  Well, I thought of being with my five girlfriends from high school because there is no where I feel more loved and more joyful.  That image seriously helped me get through three births.  Thanks ladies.)

4. I am very sarcastic (probably no shock) but often take it too far and then feel horribly guilty afterward if I think I might have hurt some one's feelings. I really am a nice person.

5.  I LOVED the Twilight books and despite the fact that I am an avid reader, I have never
been more engrossed in any other books. I am now reading The Hunger Games, another novel you can find in the teen section and love it.  I fear I am too stupid for adult fiction now that my children have robbed me of the ability to process written words.

6. I desperately wish I were a writer.  I pathetically think that the most appealing thing about this is the fact that it sounds cool to say I am a writer and I feel the wardrobe is really flexible. I think these are solid reasons for pursuing a career.  I bet I would periodically have to go somewhere too, which would be fun.

7. I did not like my first son at all the first year of his life. I couldn't get past how intrusive he was on my life, how little sleep I got because of him, and how robbed I felt of all things Leslie. In retrospect I probably should have been medicated for my misery.

8. I now desperately love all my children and think that they are funny, intelligent and amazing kids. I fully admit to having been blown away by how particularly drawn to my daughter I am.  I also feel that they all have a secret plot against me to make me go insane some days....but don't worry I am working on my own plot and plan to wake them every day during their teenage years at 6 am with screams and tears begging them to get me juice. It is going to be AWESOME revenge!

9. I eat massive amounts of food everyday and I almost never skip sweets after a meal. I am a small person, usually weighing only 115 pounds and hopefully this doesn't change....but I sure do get sick of people telling me they hate that I am so skinny, what the hell do you want me to do about? Be nice, I know I am lucky.

10. My colon is twice the length of a "normal" person's colon. Maybe this is related to #9?

11. My husband drives me nuts and can really annoy me to no end....but I think we are perfectly matched. I love that he is passionate about things, he's intelligent, sounds like he is fighting even when we are talking (I think this is a Greek thing), he fiercely loves me and our children, he's sensitive without being wimpy, and he is sooooo attractive.

12. I sometimes feel like I have had it way too easy in life. I have always been blessed with wonderful friends, boyfriends (even the one that dealt drugs was really sweet), health, travel, work, experiences. I spend a lot of time wondering when my time of tragedy will come, yes I realize that is morbib, irrational, and pointless. Get to know, I work in that realm often.

13. I think my Dad is the most amazing person. He is not perfect, but he is so intelligently funny, able to study and explain almost everything, logical, supportive and amazing man. I look up to him and love to spend time with him. Who wouldn't love a grandpa called Tractor that smokes cigarettes while taking his grandson down a slide. It sends me over the moon to see how thoughtful and loving he is to my children, and how perfect he is for them. They don't know how good they have it.  I have a lot of fear and anxiety about not having him around anymore. I'm not sure how I would function without his presence in my life.

14. I love kissing. If I were single I would kiss a lot of boys...and no, I am not using the word kissing instead of something else. I really love kissing.

15. I have a big fear of my kids growing up to be irresponsible, unkind, or that they will have a sense of entitlement rather than a good work ethic. I am probably too hard on them at times due to this fear.

16. I love old people. I plan to start volunteering at a nursing home and making my kids come with me. Not sure when this is going to happen though.  If anyone would like to call me out on this and hold me accountable to it, I'd be very grateful...and so would all the old people I'd grace with my presence.

17. I have a fascination with ear wax, in-grown hairs, blackheads and zits....but only on people I love or myself.

18. I often wish that Alex and I had quit our jobs and moved to Greece to live in the house there for a year or so right after we were married because now that doesn't really seem possible. Maybe when we retire?

19. I am sometimes embarrassed to say I was in a sorority because of all the negative connotations people have about them, but I really think it was an amazing experience and I made some of the best friends there. I'm so proud to even say I know some of them, they are unbelievably cool and diverse.

20. I debate about whether to have a third child or not all the time, which is nuts if you knew me because you wouldn't think I would want another one since these two have been the most challenging and emotional experience of my life. Part of me really wants a girl though and another part of me thinks that three boys would be better than two. We'll see what happens.  (I thought I would leave this because we all know I did have a third, she is a girl and I couldn't be happier that I did it.  There will not be a fourth though!)

21. I really want to return to school to get my masters in counseling but I can't seem to get it going. Not sure if I am lazy or if I am truly just overwhelmed by my current responsibilities.  I like to think overwhelmed.  I barely have time to fold clothes or take a shower, I can't imagine having to study right now.

22. I am not a fantastic housekeeper sometimes. I will often walk by the same dirty tissue on the floor or little pool of apple juice for hours and won't do a thing about it. It is really gross. Other times I am a total neat freak and work my ass off to make things immaculate.  Maybe I am cleaning bipolar?

23. I have wanted to take an adult tap class for a long time and plan on doing this soon. I plan to invite all of you to the recital. (I forgot about this and seriously still want to do it!)

24. I cut 9.5 inches off my hair to donate to women with cancer. I almost chickened out because my husband's cousin gave me a huge complex about how cutting my hair would make me no longer sexy to my husband. I argued with him but he put that stupid thought in my head and gave me a complex. I cut it anyway and guess problem. :)

25. My proudest moment is winning the junior class president election. I bet you thought I would say having my kids or something....anyone can do that, I had people voting for me! I was so cool, it has really paid off.  Clearly.


jenny said...

I love your honesty and quirky-ness. And open heart.

Laura Haehl said...

That was fun to read! I wanted to respond directly to some of them, but now I am on a different page and can't refer back to the list. I, too, am uptight at times about cleaning and don't care others. You are a writer. When people tell you they hate how skinny you are, you should dig deep and use your best sarcasm. Or just tell them about your colon. There was something else...... blerg.........

jenphen said...

I love reading your blog! I will be honest...I am not really sure how I came across it but I am friends with one of your good hs friends...Alissa! I think I met you at her bridal shower. I am a mom to 3 little boys and can relate to so much that you write! It is very fun to read!