Monday, January 24, 2011

Welocme to Mucousville

We have a lot of mucous going on in our house right now.  So much mucous that it really is getting ridiculous.  Snot covered tissues are littering our floors and my boys shirt sleeves are covered in dried snot they have wiped there.  I am so over all of this.

Stella has RSV.  Her poor nose is plugged on one side and has stuff pouring out the other.  She can't sleep due to coughing.  We are currently attempting to turn her room into a steamy jungle so she can breathe.  Her ear infection is also still present. She remains adorable though.

 Cole is finishing his double ear infection only to be plagued with horrible allergies that have snot pouring out his nose.   I have realized that his crazy tantrums and peeing accidents are due to exhaustion.  I won't bore you with the details, but he needs some serious sleep.  This is somewhat of a relief to me that he isn't just crazy.

Aiden also has horrible allergies and literally could probably sit and blow his nose for an hour straight. It's nasty.  He has been remarkably well behaved though in this last week and is really working his way up the favorite child list fast....only held back by his incessant need to ask question after question about EVERYTHING. I don't know how to explain the over pass system on our highways so he will understand of how to draw where the sewer drain goes or how cows yogurt.  I miss my father being here.

I was in a foul mood most of the weekend.  I always feel ashamed when this happens because I feel like I am being whiny and spoiled....probably because I am. I often feel like this on the weekend because I constantly feel disappointed in what I am not able to do or get done.  It is particularly horrible when my kids have been sick and have trapped me for over a week.

On this particular weekend I felt frustrated with Alex having to work Saturday and me being trapped for another day in this house with three kids that don't feel well.  Stella mostly wanted to be held, Aiden mostly wanted someone to listen to him blow his nose and Cole mostly wanted to refuse to cooperate, pee his pants and throw things.  Sunday was more of the same, but with Alex around.

The highlight of my weekend, going to the grocery store solo.  Pathetic.

I have tried to work on printing and framing pictures, organizing our gift bags/ribbon collection, and doing laundry.  Crap, that sounds equally pathetic.

I need to get out of my snot filled house.  We went to the doctor today for Stella, (where each nurse, admin and doctor greeted me by name, which I find a horrible sign,) but that can't really count as getting out of the house.  There were a few kids there that looked far worse off than my kids so it was  a brief lesson in gratitude....which I really found more annoying than anything else because I am firmly set on feeling frustrated by this long string of illness in my kids.

I am hanging on to the hope that both boys will go to preschool tomorrow and I can meet two of my friends at Starbucks with Stella. (Mom, please do not send me an email asking if I think taking Stella to Starbucks is a good idea.  It is a fantastic idea because otherwise I might explode.)  It will be glorious.  I will have reduced the amount of mucous I am in charge of by 2/3. Awesome.

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