Friday, January 7, 2011

The Power of Cole

Yesterday my neighbor was telling me a sad story about a friend's little boy that was recently diagnosed as bipolar, with some severe mental issues.  He's in the 5th grade and the parents had known something was off with him since he was three, but just didn't know what it was.  He had high verbal skills and seemed normal-ish.  It took years and years of testing to figure out his issues.

All I could think about was Cole.  Ok, I don't think Cole is bipolar but seriously he is really, really quirky and sometimes he scares me....if I'm not laughing.

I called my friend a few weeks ago as I was driving more pants and underwear to Cole's school since he had peed his pants THREE times by 11 am, to ask her what she thought was wrong with him?  I was honestly concerned.  What the hell?  What is he doing?  He's been potty trained for a long time now.

He throws massive tantrums and lately has taken to whining about just about anything.  My Mother told me over the holidays that he reminds her of the ADHD children from her teaching days.  Fantastic, now I feel better.

I know middle kids are supposed to be sort of quirky, but Cole is in his own world. I should sell tickets. Cole is beyond words.  Sometimes I think he might be crazy, or mentally scarred from perpetual sleep exhaustion or the melatonin I have used frequently to try to knock him out, but mostly he's just hilarious.  Where did he come from? 

Even among all of my concern about his "issues," I realize there is something amazing about him too.  More often than not I am giggling and kissing him because he's challenging to resist.

A lot of kids are cute (do not tell me all kids are, because that is just not true,) but there is something off the charts about Cole, when he isn't throwing a tantrum or whining or compulsively peeing his pants.  He is charming. He has a look, a manner of carrying himself, that I am pretty sure is going to cause all sorts of problems and joy at the same time.  He can get away with almost anything....danger. 

He is so confident in himself that I often doubt myself when he disagrees with me.  I could watch him knock over a pile of laundry and then be completely thrown off when he tells me he didn't do it because he is so bold and believable as he describes the gust of wind that came through the living room and swept away the clothes.  I seriously have to stop and think about if this is true or not.  Either I am totally bonkers or he his good....really good. 

His ability to spin a story reminds me of of how my old boss once marvelled at my ability to bullshit, apparently it runs in the family.  Please use your powers for good Cole, not evil.

While reprimanding him he often puts his palms on the side of my face, smiles and tells me he loves me.  He recently has started kissing my hand repeatedly while I am trying to read stories to his brother or while we are watching a show.  It's a little creepy, but mostly hysterical. 

He recently picked out a toy shotgun when given the opportunity to select a new toy.  He carries it with him everywhere.  He hasn't quite figured out that it isn't a gun for a hip holster and feels totally natural sticking it through his underwear to carry it around. This looks both hilarious and extremely uncomfortable.  He calls it shotgun underpants and it is weird and funny.

So maybe in a few years we will start having him studied, but for now I am trying to chill out and beleive that he's off the charts in entertainment and then the rest is just being a three year old.  I seem to remember three being tough with Aiden, but with substatially fewer moments of laughter in the mix.  I think regardless of the diagnosis, Cole is crazy....but pretty sure I love it.

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