Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Plot Against Me

I obviously have done something very, very wrong.  I can't put my finger on when and what it was that I did, but I am convinced I am clearly being punished for something.

Over that last 72 hours I have slept about 14 hours. I am not OK with this. I am not a good person like this. I must sleep tonight. I must.

My children are apparently plotting together to torture me with a strategic rotation of waking up in the middle of the night to spend time with me.  I am at their mercy. They are totally winning.  I am ready to start serving m&ms for breakfast and ice cream upon request, just to be back in their favor. 

I am at the mercy of their respiratory virus hacking cough, horrible creepy walking around in the middle of the night habits and whiny appearances at my bedside. Stella (cough,) Cole (creepy walking,) Aiden (bedside.)

All of these wakings are scattered through the night so that I can never handle everyone at once or pass someone off to Daddy.  (Daddy has offered help, but they keep coming to me!  See, I alone am being targeted.) They are also taking turns sleeping all night so that they don't get too overtired and become unable to sustain their perpetual waking for endless nights in a row. 

I feel like I can't really blame Stella too much, which is probably just all part of the plan, since she was diagnosed with RSV and I actually can hear all her mucous and difficulty breathing.  She also might be getting a tooth...which I can't help be a little suspicious of the timing of its arrival coinciding with all these other sleeping problems.  Again, probably all just part of the plan.

Cole has had sleeping issues for years now so maybe he's just continuing through another poor sleep patch of his life, maybe.  I must say though that his wake ups are the most effective in ruining large chunks of my potential sleeping hours.  He wanders out into the living room and begins to whimper.  Since I recently finished reading the wonderfully written, and decidedly mentally scarring Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, I am easily scared by this subtle wake up.  

Even after I have put him back to bed I will think I hear him crying or walking around while I simultaneously construct a plot of Swedish crime and horror that could be unfolding in our midst.  Seriously, I don't know if I can read the next book in that series, but seriously don't know if I can not read the next book.  I've got quite a mental problem on my hands.  Nothing new I suppose.

Aiden has been the easiest to deal with so far. In a fantastic twist of events in our life, Aiden has recently become significantly more pleasant to be around.  He has been cooperating, whining less and not abusing his brother nearly as much as usual.  This new found demeanor has made his middle of the night appearances at my bedside semi-bearable.  He still is somewhat annoying in that he doesn't really make any noise until he appears and begins talking about having a stuffy nose, needing to pee or being cold.  I really feel I don't need to be involved in all of these anymore for him which is just frustrating to be woken up for, and he is earning a creepy point for being so sneaky. 

His sneakiness is probably just part of the elaborate plan the kids have put together since they saw me reading that book.  Despite the fact that none of them can read, and I have never discussed the book with them, I am pretty positive they know I am easily scared these days and are using my weakness against me.  I wonder when they meet and discuss all this stuff since they never leave me alone during the day?  Hmmmm....

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aggiemommy said...

I bet they are meeting when you are getting those 20 minutes each night. LOL! Sorry it's been so's much the same here only I have two. Hoping this weekend brings you a long, quiet nap!!