Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grandma and Tractor Should Not Go

Today marks day 29 with my parents and I am terrified of their Thursday departure.  Terrified.

Things are just better when there are three adults for three kids and I don't have to work as hard. I feel like even the most basic of tasks will soon be painful (remember my posts after my parents left this summer?  Remember the grocery with Cole?) because I will be the sole "responsible" party for my kids again for 90% of the week. 

I have a very difficult time adjusting to being alone again with all of them.  All of a sudden three seems like 10 and I have no idea how I functioned by myself for months prior to their arrival.  Did I actually ever get anywhere on time?  Who usually dresses all these people?   Did I prepare food?  Was there really three of them? 

I know that sometimes getting back to our routine, as chaotic as it may be, feels comforting. Sometimes it's nice to just have the five of us alone again.  But mostly it is just a lot more work for me and that isn't fun.  I also feel that I might have to go back to doing my own laundry and paying for all our take out food and that sounds sort of crappy.

My brain feels like it might burst with the number of things I want to accomplish before my parents leave. I want to get my hair cut, paint two pieces of furniture, print and frame enough photos to fill the giant empty spaces which are my walls, find new bedding for my guest room, clean out my kids' bathroom closet, finish reading my book, organize the laundry room and take a nap.  I really want to take a nap.

Seriously, this is all on an irrational to-do list I created a week and a half ago and really thought it all might happen.  I have three days to get it all done.  I will fail.  I probably won't even take a nap.

I will fail because it actually seems like it takes all of us to keep my children in a semi-satisfied, not freaking out state.  Last night Cole woke up with a fever and I am pretty sure Stella is getting sick.  It is definitely going to take all three of us to survive.  If Stella and Aiden truly get sick and my parents leave while they are still ill....just brace yourself for some seriously emotional posts....or if I could convince them, a delayed flight for Grandma and Tractor.

I know I should buck up.  I know we'll be ok.  Even if we have to go through HEB while Aiden cries due to Cole biting his nipple and Cole screams, the entire way, because he's just like that and throws a shoe at a kind stranger while I get lots of "well, you've got your hands full"....we'll be ok.  But I would still prefer to have Grandma and Tractor around.

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