Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Germfest 2011

So my father created this sign yesterday and posted it on the outside of our door for all potential guests, as well as my husband, to see prior to entering our home.  Yes, things have gotten a little rough the last few days.

(I'm not sure why my high energy is something to warn others about....he probably should have given a fair warning that I am just straight up cranky now. Thanks for the easier diagnosis Tractor.)

Stella and Cole both started running amuck on Saturday and by this afternoon I had a baby with pink eye in both eyes and an ear infection, and a 3 year old with a double ear infection.  These are both very unfortunate and apparently really uncomfortable, particularly for Cole.

Stella is retaining her status as the best baby ever by being very happy still and more or less sleeping well during this time of illness.  My father has decided though that he can't touch her because she is full of germs and my mom can't stop reminding us that she has eye surgery Monday and can not get pink eye.  (I am in no way belittling eye surgery, just the frequency that this is brought to my attention despite my inability to do anything about it.) 

Stella is not a fan of eye drops though  and I do think it is one of the worst things to have to do to my child.  I would much prefer having to take a rectal temperature or gather a stool sample than put one drop in each eye of this medicine. I literally have to pry her eyelids open while she is trying to turn over and swat my hands away.  Can't I just rub some power cream on her eyelid that soaks through?  Seriously, why aren't scientists working on something more reasonable than one drop of liquid in a squirming baby's eyeball?

Stella was a total champ at the doctor's office, even during our God awful 1 hour and 45 minute wait to see the doctor.  (Apparently the partner doctor in the practice had a baby the day before unexpectedly and they were over booked.)  Here is Stella during the wait. Don't worry, I did have actual food for her.  Doesn't it look like I always have food for her?

Cole is, unfortunately, retaining his status as my most high maintenance.  He has been refusing to sleep unless an adult watches him. Yes, that's right, watch him. ...because I haven't done enough for him, I am now going to pull up a kitchen chair and just watch him sleep for 12 hours.  Totally makes sense.  He is also requesting every adult sing him a song prior to bed, then criticizes my Mom for not knowing the words to Hush Little Baby, even suggesting she learn them from me and then return.  High maintenance.

He did manage to fall asleep on my bed during nap time, without wearing a pull-up, to pee on my no mattress pad covered mattress.  (Please direct all questions about why we, as parents of three small kids and dog owners, do not have a mattress pad on our bed to Alex.) This is not fun.  This is in fact, foul. 

It is really difficult to get the smell of urine out.  Alex made an attempt by covering it in baking soda and then vacuuming it....and then I decided to go to sleep on it without making sure it was dry.  I woke up around midnight with pee soaked pajamas and an irrational anger at Alex.  (I pretty much always direct my middle of the night anger at Alex, it's part of my gift to him for being the love of my life.  He is super happy about it.)  To further my inability to make a good decision I didn't even change my pants, just stuck a hand towel over the pee area of the bed. I'm really tired, ok?

Cole also has peed in his pants basically every time he has had to pee.  For the last 4 days.  This sucks.

Cole also refuses to have anyone help him, except for me, for anything. He wants nothing to do with my parents, which was particularly helpful when I had to take Stella to the doctor's office on Monday.  Apparently he eventually agreed to let my Mom comfort him after she bribed him with an Oreo and her ipad. He also agreed to sit with my father while I picked Aiden up from school, provided he had access to the ipad.  Seriously, he has very sophisticated demands...but can't use a toilet. 

On the way to the doctor this morning I attempted to brief him on what was going to happen at the doctor's office. He wasn't interested. He informed me he knew that the doctor had to cut his foot off and also that they didn't have to weigh him because he already knew he weighed "this" much, (runs his hands from his feet to head.)  He also demanded a chocolate milk and an ipad.  I am hoping his fever is mainly causing these demands because Grandma is probably not giving us her ipad and we certainly aren't buying one for our 3 year old.

This was a picture of him at the doctor's office. He was pathetically feverish.

I am so loving Aiden and his health right now. He is adorable and fully functional. He couldn't wait to get the hell out of here this morning though and go to school.  I can't blame him.  I wish I had school to go to.  He's out of his mind with boredom which is not great in a house with two sick kids.  His boredom usually leads to torturing Cole in some way or whining to me about something that he is lacking in his life like an iPad. 

This frog in a way too small box, that I am constantly convinced is dead, has been the most exciting thing in his life.  Doesn't he look healthy?  He's so cute.

Remember my prior post about needing my parents?  Well, these last two days are exactly why I am planning to sabotage their return flight to Indiana on Thursday. I would be completely crazy without them.   At the very least I'm stealing my Mom's iPad.

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