Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Toy Trouble

This weekend we took the boys to Target to spend their allowance savings.  We matched what they had saved and told them they could spend the money on whatever they want. I hate this idea.Yes, the idea of teaching them that if they save a little of what they are given each week it will grow is nice, but letting my kids pick out whatever they want is horrible....especially after they have been watching Star Wars and have attended a Star Wars birthday party.

I usually am in charge of all toy purchases.  I am with them 24/7 and can pick a toy that they would find amusing pretty easily....unfortunately there is nothing I know more about than my kids.  (I am totally never getting a job after I'm done with this gig, I have no skills beyond Aiden, Cole and Stella anymore.)

I often pick a toy by whether they would like it, whether or not I feel like they will like it for longer than a few days, and factor in the annoyance of the toy to the purchase.  Apparently my boys do not have the same thought process. 

Cole bought a fantastic Playmobil police station, successfully meeting all my criteria.  He is so smart. Aiden abandoned my wishes and he didn't even pretend to care about my happiness.  He has made his desire to have no part in my happiness very clear given the way he has used his toys since we got home.

Yes, Aiden selected a two sided, spinning Star Wars sword.  It lights up.  It makes laser sounds.  It spins.   It creates intergalactic hell in my house.

Aiden doesn't believe in sharing it with Cole unless he can beat the crap out of him while using it.  Cole spends a large portion of the day on the floor crying when Aiden refuses his requests to play with it.  The last few mornings Aiden and Cole have wanted to start fighting with it the moment they wake up...at 6:30.  Did I mention the sword spits in to two separate swords? Ugh.

Even when they are playing with it together, the sound of the swords clashing and their annoying dialogue/fights about who is Dark (they refuse to believe me that it is Darth) Vader and who is Luke Skywalker make me want to light the sword on fire and make the boys sit and watch it burn. 

To add to the annoyance of Aiden's choices, his other purchase was a nerf gun.  A few months back Aiden shot a dart at my face when I asked him to come read stories for bed.  Things escalated to crazy rather quickly and, well, long story short, all of Aiden's nerf guns ended up in the outside trash bin (which he was at one point hysterically crying and climbing into to try to retrieve them, it was a sad situation.) 

So, needless to say, Aiden was very excited to get a nerf gun again....and I have threatened him with his life if he shoots it anywhere near me.  So far he's only shot Cole.  But I've already found the darts all over the place. 

I have contemplated hiding the sword and the gun tonight and claiming that the Elf on the Shelf took them to the North Pole with him and forgot them.  I'm trying to resist the temptation to smash the sword now instead of doing it during a dramatic freak out in front of the boys. I don't think I could handle Aiden's sadness though if his sword were this quickly destroyed.  Maybe I should go ahead and throw the gun in the trash can so I can eliminate at least one of these annoying play things?

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