Friday, December 17, 2010

The Stella Report

Stella had her six month check-up on Tuesday and I have been asked by a few people about her stats.  I used to email the boys to family after each visit but the laziness and/or apathy that comes with the third child about these sorts of things, I just don't do it.  Sorry Stella.

Height is 26.5" - 75%
Weight is 17 lbs 2 oz - 75%
Head Cir is 43 cm - 45% (our kids were blessed with small heads for easier dressing)
Cute Factor is considered "amazing, remarkable and plain ridiculous" - 99%

She had three shots, during which I felt like I was personally betraying her trust and basically scaring her so much that the next time I lie her down on to change her diaper she is going to freak on me.  I hate shots.  Aiden and Cole were very excited about the circus band-aids she received and thought all her pain was definitely worth having those.  Of course.

Fun tips and commentary from the doctor during this visit...

 -Try to not put a tv in her room in the next few year.  Geez Doc, we'll try?  That's going to be tough.  My six month old baby keeps begging me to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Kendra. How will she find her fashion compass and moral grounding with a tv?  What kind of a request is this?  Is this really a problem for people?

-Don't put your baby in a walker...EVER.  Actually took her out of this old school walked we have in our living room to bring her to the visit.  Advice noted and will take action after she stops loving it and giving me a moment without her in my arms.

-Need to give her a vitamin D dropper every day.  I can't remember to give myself my multi vitamin or do something as basic as shower, this will be a miracle if she ever receives it.

-He noted she on how beautiful she is, how amazing her eye lashes are and that he liked my hair.  He is clearly a very intelligent doctor that I will continue to listen to....might even hold off on that tv for Stella based purely on his request. 

In other Stella news, she kept me up all night screaming last night.  Sleep training has been rough and only periodically effective.  I'm sure our two day car trip to Indiana and two week stay at my parent's house will royally screw things up further...oh well.

She is not crawling  but can amazingly maneuver herself under a bed or dresser when in pursuit of an exciting object like a scrap of paper or a sock.  She sits very well all by herself.  She makes the most delightful squealing and cooing noises that I appreciate because I can interpret them however I please.  She also continues to be much more fun to dress than the boys, but despises having shirts or dresses pulled over her tiny head...what would happen if she had a huge head? 

She's cute.  She's Stella.

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