Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day Six: Exhaustion

I'm tired everyone.  I know I promised an entry a day for 14, but currently I'm a little worried about what I
am going to type.  I might reveal secrets that I am not even aware that I have.  I'm pretty positive I will type something that simply does not make sense.  This will be brief.

We just returned from our holiday travels and after 3 hours in the car with the boys and a day of unpacking, grocery shopping and everyday life, I am ready to fall into bed.  To top off the day we have decided to work on Stella's sleep training again tonight.  She is currently working on her 10 minute crying session before I can walk in again for 2 seconds and make sure she isn't going to explode.  This is painful.

Distraction...we are starting that fun little Elf On The Shelf tradition with the boys tonight.  If you haven't heard of it, there is a story book about how an elf comes to your house to observe how the kids behave and report back to Santa.  We have to put the elf in a new location each night for the kids to find in the morning.  The rules are that they can never touch the elf or he loses his magic.  Tonight we read the book to the boys explaining how it would work...making a few mistakes in the process.

First, we told them we had a surprise for them after their baths.   Usually a surprise around here is a treat of some kind.  The boys were very disappointed to realize that the surprise was that we were reading them a book...we read at least 2 every night.  Cole was particularly devastated and not at all happy about the book.  Then, we got his attention by telling him an elf was coming to our house in the morning.  He immediately said that he would get a sword and hit the elf so it wouldn't eat him.  So, now he's scared of the elf coming to get him.  We tried to reassure him that Santa's helper will not try to eat him, nor does he require Cole to fight him, he comes in peace.  Now, Alex just put the little elf on one of the beams near where I am sitting and it is totally creepy.  I'm not sure I'll last the holiday season with this thing.  The entertaining part should come in the morning when the boys have to name the elf. Should be a good fight.

Alex just went back in to check on Stella.  Changing her diaper.  So much screaming. Killing me.  

More distraction...just watched a good movie, well at least it was an entertaining movie, with Alex.  500 Days of Summer.  We started with Eat, Pray, Love and couldn't make it past Julia Roberts consuming massive amounts of pasta in Italy.  I don't need to watch that.  I loved that book.  It kept me sane after Cole was born, but the movie didn't inspire me at all.  Good Lord, why won't she stop crying?

Can't do it tonight people.  I'm checking out with this brief blog entry to try to try to shower and fall asleep before Stella starts crying again.  Wait, just started again.  This might be a rough one.

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