Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day Nine: Shower Pee

It's 10:45 pm and I think the following situation is all I have the energy to share.

Tonight I turned around to see Aiden standing outside my walk-in shower, attempting to pee into the shower, but mostly hitting the bathroom floor and Stella's bathtub seat which I set on the floor of the shower to dry.  Oh Good Lord.

I can't hep but wonder how my five year old thinks this is ok?  He was so amused by it too. He was giggling.

Turns out he misunderstood a discussion we previously had about peeing in the shower drain if needed. I barely remember this conversations, but apparently some key points about needing to already be in the shower and needing it be an actual emergency were left out. 

I can't possibly always think of every aspect of a situation I need to explain to him.  It would have never entered my mind to state that it isn't ok to stand outside the shower and just point your penis toward the stall, just because you thought it looked more fun than the toilet.

The good news is though that this situaton was very much like one in my new behavior book (except that was a little girl that colored on the wall with a crayon, not a boy urinating randomly in another location of the house) and I follwed the book's guidance completely.  Apparently I am an amazing mother....more or less.

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Andrea said...

So for clarification, when explaining to Mads about peeing in the shower, I need to be clear about the fact that he should be taking a shower at the time of need, and that it has to be an emergency. Got it! :)